Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Who'da thunk it

So I started writing a post earlier today about this story. In particular the cowardly and reprehensible way that euphamism and couched language is used to describe a shameful period in history that was smeared in the most brutal, bloody and indiscriminate violence fuelled by hatred and greed. I'm not picking sides, other than the fact that I'm on the side that's against blowing up school busses in order to prove a point.

I also find it interesting how similar tactics are employed by the slick Israeli PR machine, who's entire argument for blowing up schools and hospitals appears to be 'Well, some people who look kind of the same did it first'. Again, not picking sides really - Hamas are a bunch of blood thirsty animals too, just like the Israeli government.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a realist. Humans like to kill eachother for a variety of reasons, it would just be refreshing to have situations like this labelled as they are - a fairly indiscriminate form of murder born of a frustration at an inability to get at the enemy you actually want to kill. It's proving a point at the expense of people and property deemed expendable. And if someone tells you there is anything discriminating about explosives, they are talking out of their arse.

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Jo said...

Thus is the problem with government and/or ruling parties.

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