Monday, January 12, 2009


My awesome plan of staying late at work on Friday in order to avoid going in at the weekend hit something of a hiccup.

The hiccup in question was my old flatmate Stu, he returned to town yesterday so I elected to leave work before 7 and meet for a quiet pint and a catch up and to do a few hours on Sunday instead.

So I arranged to meet Stu for a quiet pint. We had a quiet pint. Then we were hungry so we adjourned to the best of the strangely numerous Italian restaurants in Leatherhead. We thenproceeded to polish of 2 bottles of particularly palatable Chianti (yeah like I know wine!). There was also food involved at some stage (meat balls if memory serves). After which we went for a few less quiet drinks - considerable quantities of gin.

Usually after such an evening I would be eating a farmyard for breakfast but I had arrangements to meet some people for lunch and wanted to have room for the plate fulls of goodness available at Caesar's. This time I was meeting Dave, my last flatmate and his girlfriend Gemma, along with Nick and Kara. I had a rib-eye if anyone is interested

Lunch done with I went shopping for food to supply me for the evening's playoffs. Usually I shop when I am starving (in case you hadn't noticed yet, I'm an idiot) but this time, full of steak and chips I found I was quite light on junk food when I left which, as you can imagine, was quit disappointing.

Nevermind, pappa john's supplied me with a crack-laced pizza for the evening's work ahead and I watched both hiome teams get knocked out of the running. A successful evening.

I did, however, fail to clean my flat.

Oh. And I think sometime during the gin course I agreed to go to Dallas. I remember the conversation starting with 'I'm not going abroad this year' and ending with checking flight prices, other than that it's a complete mystery to me.

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Olivia said...

You may get to meet Jo and Dave too, then???

I am jealous that you may meet them on their home turf in the Lone Star State. You should visit Houston too, you know.

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