Saturday, January 03, 2009

Double Take away

So I just got back from the office and decided that I am going to order take away. I used to order online from my local curry house then just go collect but sadly they have taken their website down and now I have to talk to real people (pah!).

Luckily I have one of their menus, so proceeded to start my traditional curry ordering ceremony. This involves looking at the take away menu/website for 20 minutes before ordering the same thing I always order, or some slight variation thereof. Anyway, I was perusing this menu when under 'Surrey Specials' I noticed this dish:

'Slay The Dragon-Mysore Delicately'.

If only the description lived up to the awesome name but as far as I can determine it's little more than pineapple glazed chicken which sounds more like an accident than a yummy dish.


Greg said...

Probably LOOKED like an accident, too!

the projectivist said...

the name, Slay The Dragon-Mysore Delicately sounds like some kind of sexual disease afflicting male genitals.

how come you were at the office on a Saturday then? isn't that against the law?

MattJ said...

Greg - after further scrutiny it was pineapple huney (thats not my typo) glaze cooked in a tandoor. It still didn't appeal to me. Chicken doesn't belong ina variety of places 2 of which are 1) With fruit and 2) On a pizza.

projectivist - It sounds like a lot of things, none of which conjure up chicken and pineapple. Sadly I've been working weekends a lot lately but this should be the last one for a little while. The reasons are intensely dull.

Olivia said...

Hahahahahaha! Looking at the menu for 20 minutes before ordering the same thing as always! I do that too!

I have a cold too, and my roomie has been kind enough to make me her Jewish chicken noodle soup. She's in the kitchen right now. However, I went grocery shopping yesterday and picked up ingredients for my own chicken enchilada soup, which I was kind of looking forward to. Not to mention finishing the delish spicy Singapore noodles I picked up at the Chinese round the corner last night - of which there is so much I could eat it three times.

Ah well, she wants to make the soup, I can't complain. Very sweet of her.

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