Saturday, December 10, 2005

Shopping failure.....

Well I have failed spectacularly in securing anything riiculous to wear this evening. My first mistake was having a massive lie in, so I didnt get to Camden until around 1pm, obviously the palce was absolutely packed. Couple this with the fact that once people enter London they appear to check there manners in somewhere for later collection and you end up with an unhappy Matt. It's not so much the people who try to walk right through you without so much as an apologetic glance that bother me, it's the ones who stop dead, blocking all pedestrian traffic, so they can answer their phone or wave at someone who has no hope of seeing them. I could understand it if there was nowhere for these people to go but invariably they are looking at something in a shop or stall, and clearly it's more convenient for them to study it from 20 feet away than it is to go and look at the thing and develop some consideration for other people.

So, not used to London shopping yet, apologies for the rant. I really hope I don't get used to it actually because the moment I do I think I will have become as rude as the people around me.

So anyway, got back to Leatherhead and thought I would try and by a deep purple shirt from Next and wear that with my suit and patterned black tie. Unfortunately it is a tiny store and had no such thing in stock. Of course if I'd have thought of this back up plan earlier I could have got one from London somewhere but I'm not known for my common sense.

I'll be wearing my staple pin stripe with black shirt, patterned black tie and some black metal cufflinks. The tie is very cool though.

I think next time I go to Camden I will go with someone else, it was cool the first time but now I've been a couple of times I think the crowd thing will wind me up unless I have someone to talk to. Shopping is more fun if it doesn't seem such a

On the plus side some of the food vendors looked fantastic. Kudos to all those people in nice clothes successfully walking around tucking into things that looked like they would stain very badly should any spillage occur. This is obviously aquired skill. Also to the three enterprising girls with massive Mohicans charging gawpers £1 per photo they took.

Ok, got to go get changed. Maybe post later when I am good and drunk.


Olivia said...

Sorry you didn't find anything! I'm sure if it wasn't so close to Christmas there would have been fewer people and you would have had more patience.

Did you see that little arcade of food vendors? About 10 different types, very neat and very tempting when you're hungry.

M. said...

I'm surprised you didn't mention tourists who may be stopped to take pictures or to look at random stuff. But this IS winter...I wonder how many people actually vacation in non-ski resorts.

Drinks sound nice right about now...

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