Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Resistance, apparently, isn't futile!

That's right folks, the credit card has survived the weekend and I am not the proud, yet increasingly fiscally challenged, owner of a Zen Micro Photo.

I came close, even got as far as the checkout at but didnt go through with it. In fairness, I probably will get one early next year as my last big stupid spend before I start to act a little more responsibly with my dwindling resources. That's if I still want one of course. Unfortunately I've wanted a decent MP3 player for the best part of a year and it's not an urge that is going anywhere so I will inevitably end up with one. At least I have resisted the urge to buy one when I so clearly shouldn't, so I must have a vestige of willpower somewhere.

See if I deny myself totally, that doesn't work. If, however, I keep saying 'I'll get it next month' to myself, that appears to do the trick. At least it's worked for the last 8 months or so.


It was the project Christmas 'Lunch' yesterday. It was very nice from what I remember. I started with Chicken Livers in a White Wine Gravy thing, which was a little strongly flavoured for a starter for my liking. This is the first time I've had Liver as a dish, odd as that may seem, and I wasn't a huge fan. I'm actually quite disappointed, I know they are kind of a delicacy so would have liked to enjoy them more. I'm always open to trying new foods but I have a real thing about texture that I can' get around. Flavour I'm fine with, I like a lot of things but when it comes to texture I am a bit picky. Basically if it's gooey or squishy, I'm not a fan. ACooked Aubergine, for instance, is just slimy.

Okra. What the hell is this stuff for? It has no flavour and is the most disgusting texture in the world. Seriously, it's like phlegm. People put this stuff in their mouths for crying out loud!

And thus it was with the livers, it's just too squidgy for my liking. Picky I know.

My Main Course was Sea Bass on a bed of basil mash and spinach. I love the fishes, basil is fantastic and I could eat spinach all day long. So the Main Course was awesome. RoboMatt stole my desert so I have no idea what it was like but I wasn't bothered, I only ordered it because there was no option not to. Not a big desert guy. Also I was well into the second bottle of a very tasty White Pinot and things were getting a little fuzzy. After we'd abused the tab enough we rolled over to the pub over the road where the festivities continued. I got incredibly drunk, I mean barely see let alone stand drunk. I did have the good sense to leave early so that I didnt get so bad that I fell in the pond or something. No matter how drunk I was, I paled in comparison to the Herculian drinking effort my manager Alex put in. I left and he was wasted then, I mean worse than me, but apparently he stayed until the end so credit where it's due.

I awoke at 5:30am, as is my rather irritating custom after a massive night out and, failing to get back to sleep, I got up and decided to put my new hard drive in the PC. I figured I'd get it up and running before work. No hope. It's acting very bizarrely and refusing to boot Windows once I've installed the setup files.

Enough geek speak, it's still not working is the bottom line. Got a few things to try later.


I made a Chilli the other day. I used Scotch Bonnet peppers which are now available rather handily at Tesco. Handy/Dangerous, you decide. I put 4 in the chilli, normally I'd use a good few more than that if I was restrcited to birds eye ones but I know these things are vicious so thought I would be careful. Simply frying them up had me in fits coughing, so it was a wise move. I still had to mop my face up off the floor afterwards but it was really tasty so kind of kept eating. That's my problem you see, I am actually quite good at cooking so if I accidentally make somehting a little too spicy, so long as it's not so bad it numbs my mouth, I'll keep eating because it usually tastes pretty good too. I know what you're going to say Rich but it really was an accident this time!

Anyway. Mike is really disappointed because we can't find anywhere that sells these little demons back home so he asked me for a consignment of them but sadly tesco have sold out for the moment. He's very upset. I won't reveal the several Scotch Bonnet related misadventures involving Mike, because it isn't a fair reflection of him. He's a very clever and nice man, and he somehow doesn't come across that way in those tales. Most of them start with the words 'It can't be THAT hot?........' and generally go downhill from there.


Dad's coming down tomorrow, we are heading back friday night. I ordered my older brother to decorate the parents house with all things festive, I hope he has because I really want to feel like I am going hom for Christmas not just on a visit, decorations in the house will give me that I think. Already got the weekend planned, Saturday is out on the town with Pete and Jon and whoever else cares to join us. Sunday is the traditional famliy and friends drinks and merriment. No doubt I will continue in my tradition of dragging my dad and brother back from wherever they are in order to open pressies at 2am after our night out on Christmas Eve. I'm such a child. Boxing day I will be in the recovery position, most likely playing computer games all day, eating curry and generally being unsociable. I already told you, I'm a child.

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Olivia said...

Gadget-wise, I think I can match you with my new Kodak Z740 10x zoom digital camera. Huge lens. It picks up everything. Look out for Italy pics soon.

Woo, a Brit - nay, a Welshman - cooking chili? I applaud you. And a gold star for using scotch bonnet peppers! They are pretty high up there on the hotness scale - if you were to use habaneros, however, I would call you foolhardy. Or perhaps even a fool.

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