Monday, December 12, 2005

New year starts in February

Apparently that's the case. According to my division anyhow.

They've dubbed our Christmas Party the 'New Year Party' as even the dodgers up on high could see ity is so ludicrously far awayfrom Christmas no amount of spin would swing it! I mean New Year is stretching beyond most possible means, unless they are serving Chinese food.

Anyway, that aside, in my previous post I stated the possibility of staying at the hotel. Unlikely at this place! So we have a plan B. There is a Travel Lodge in Covent Garden with room rates a little more reasonable than £235 per night!

It's looking good though, stuffy dinner, drinks then on to Covent Garden with the company I actually WANT to keep. I kow it's months away but there will be quite a lot of people in attendance so we need to sort this out fairly quickly.


Olivia said...

Woohoo, you get to see the Pearl Bar. Cocktails there are even more expensive than Townhouse in Knightsbridge.

Even when I went with my "ex", I got to the door and nearly chickened out! And what's worse, he spilled nearly half one of these pricey numbers down his trousers!

MattJ said...

It's ok! This one is allegedly completely free. My natural cynycism tells me that it will only be the table wine that is free but i hold out hope for them yet. They still need to make up for the barely concealed cost saving/book fiddling exercise they are engaged in!

Olivia said...

There are some nice places in Covent Garden, but will you be pubbing or barring?

MattJ said...

plans have changed slightl, see the nmew post later today ..... lol! (in answer probably will have had too much of the free booze to hit a club lol!)

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