Monday, December 12, 2005

Quiet Saturday Drink

Well the ball was phenomenal. It was just immense fun, one of those situations where the company was so good that it didn't really matter where we were.

The organisers did their bit, dressing up in Moulin Rouge styl-ee, complete with ginger moustachioed fat man in a red jacket (fake belly and hair but you can't have everything!). There were dancing girls and plenty to drink. After drinking the wine and bubbly we decided to work out how the free drinks ticket we had worked. Apparently our entry ticket could be used up to a certain value but to my horror this didn't include spirits. Considering the bottled beer they were supplying was fairly shocking and I'd had my fill of wine I was most put out! Luckily a guy I know from my induction traded me some drinks for the ticket, despite my initial protestations that he should just take it.

The hotel, The River Bank Plaza, was really nice. One of those places where I walk in and immediately feel (usually accurately) that I've lowered the tone. As the group I arrived with were reliant on a coach that had been organised, we arrived quite considerably early, so we availed ourselves of the residents bar. Despite having our initial attempts to charge our cocktails to the company foiled, we soildiered on with spirits undampened and soon we were on our way down to floor -4, yes -4, to start the evening proper. I was quite disappointed to discover that, despite being so far into the bowels of the earth, we weren't being served by an army of mutant mole-men. You can't have everything I guess. RoboMatt and I took pity on the waiters who were holding decidedly heavy looking champagne laden trays. We dutifully took one off each of them, so no one of them felt neglected.

Once the room opened we put ourselves at a table at the front, so we could get a decent look at the stage show. It was all going well, then a company bigwig got up and started wibbling on about how great the company is, how great it is to be a graduate right now and various other things that everyone ignored. Eventually he stopped and went back to his seat where he belonged and the party kicked off again.

Things get a little hazy after this point, I remember talking at length at Robs new girlfriend. She was very patient and appeared to listen intently and with great interest to my 'how great is Rob' monologue. I even managed not to begin the praise with 'despite having a head like a potato', I was very proud of myself.

RoboMatt and I wowed a stunned room with our unique interpretation of the word 'Dancing'. In our dictionary the word sits very closely next to 'Seizure'.

At the end of the night the same guy who had my ticket off me was trying to persuade me to stay in the residents bar with him and his friends and to crash on their room floor. In what I thought to be a Herculian display of willpower I got on the coach and went home. Again, I was very proud. Having missed the last train to guildford, RoboMatt was forced to stay on my living room floor and make a 1/2 hour walk of shame to the train station the next morning, in his tuxedo. He later discovered that once again there were no direct trains from Leatherhead to Guildford and ended up having to go through Clapham junction. Once again I was very pleased I turned down the offer of staying in London!

We've decided that should we attend the february bash we are going to get a room between a group of us, I feel I missed out on half the party by having to leave at 1am. I'm sure there is plenty I'm missing out but it can't be that important! Anyway, I better go do someTHing work related.

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Olivia said...

That is such a cool hotel, I am pretty sure you weren't cool enough to step foot in it!
Any party pics?

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