Friday, December 23, 2005

Actually.........It is.

Look. Willpower is for people without credit cards ok? Besides. It's Christmas. Don't even try OK? I have a whole raft of excuses, get-outs and transparent lies available to me to justify the shiny new toy that will be arriving next week and I'm not afraid to use them.

I'll be good from now on I promise. I have a new PC and the MP3 player I've wanted for an absolute age, there is nothing else I've been pining over for the best part of a year so it should all be good. Really glad I waited this long because this one is precisely what I was after. I got it in Dark blue in case you were wondering, Amazon and Play only do Grey, Black, Blue and White.

The Saga of Matt's New PC appears to be nearing an end. I won't go into the excrutiating Geek-filled detail I did with some of my friends, I'll just say this. I'm a Genius. OK that might be a slight exaggeration. I got the new Hard Drive through, it didnt work for a while, then I realised that the writers of Windows are in fact Sociopathic and I found a solution to the problem caused by their bizarre software. It still didnt work, then I realised that they are not only Sociopathic but quite clearly are equal opportunities employers and as such employed some cack-handed, Darwinian nightmare to design a crucial part of Windows. Doesn't matter, I defeated them! muahahahahahahahaha! Provided the Drive doesn't suffer a Head crash after 2 days like the last one of course.

I then proceeded to revoke my new found Genius status when I was once again reminded that I have organisational skills equalled only by that guy out of Memento. The big swanky 'New Years' party that I was going to in London? You know, the one I have booked somewhere to stay for? Not going anymore. Because I am an idiot. It's my Dads 60th birthday that day, how rubbish am I? So am going home instead, considering taking a few extra days too, see how it goes.

Got a good few days planned, going out with Jon and Pete on Saturday, probably Christmas evening too. Then face melting Turkey curry and computer games round Mikes on Boxing day, complete with awful horror flicks. Best plan of revovery. I'm really looking forward to it actually.

Right people, I imagine this is my last post before Christmas adn probably New Year so have a good one, and check back with me soon. I may be putting the odd post up next week before my Hull trip, especially if the toy arrives.

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