Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hair by LEGO

I was going to have a big rant here about the US outsourcing their Torture operation to ex-Eastern Block countries and the wriggly little Condoleeza Rice successfully denying the Torture claims based on the US Goverment definition of the word Torture. It's vague to say the least.

Hang on. I've started haven't I? Ok, I'm stopping now. Although I should warn you this may resurface when I'm in one of my more caustic moods.

No, today we discuss more important matters and that is Condoleeza Rice and her laminated haircut:

Seriously, is this really a good look? I mean i could understand it where I am from, it rains a lot. I mean it rains a lot! A Teflon hair cut like that could save an awful lot of frizz don't you think? I'm thinking that LEGO have employed her as some kind of poster girl and the do is in fact interchageable. So don't be surprised if you see slight colour alterations as she switches.

Once again we see the polymer hair in action, or rather not in action. I wonder if that's the stuff they make the heat shileds on shuttles out of? I'm saying nothing about the pose she is in. Nothing at all. Just, you know, bear it in mind.

Some possible suitors for the lovely Rice.


M. said...

LOL. To be a little fair, some gals can't help but wear their hair pasted to their heads, having to put relaxers and pomades in their hair to keep them from breaking off and all.


Olivia said...

Exactly, think what it would be like if she didn't.

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