Thursday, December 01, 2005

Ache Free and Suspicious......

I have very few aches today, despite increasing a few of the weights yesterday. I have two theories to explain this unusual bodily behaviour:

a)My Body is slowly getting used to being exercised at.
b)My Body wants me to think it is slowly getting used to being exercised at.

I am going to go go with b). I know this clapped out piece of crap very well and it's a devious bugger. No doubt I will have developed scarlet fever or leprosy by tomorrow. Either that or it's saving up for after tomorrows gym excursion so it can deliver a double whammy ache-fest on Saturday and thus force me to walk like a robot.

I've been given some intensely dull work to do today. It involves burning CDs and printing Labels for them. I'd go into more detail but what did you ever do to me? I am having a sit down to recover from the excitement.

I was considering inserting random episodes of the Thundercats onto the CDs to teach them a lesson, as technically they are supposed to check the disks before they go out. Apparently they would frown on such a move whcih I think is terribly unsporting of them, it could be a bit like Russian roulette. Also the Clients could have some entertainment while installing the software, everyone's a winner!

I'm hoping my internet is still on when I get home, had a bit of a wobble last night before settling down and behaving itself but I've not had a chance to test it today.

Sorry this is a rubbish post, my brain went to sleep during the CD thing and waking it up has caused it to ache. More entertaining posts later or tomorrow, promise.

Where misunderstanding serves others as an advantage,
one is helpless to make oneself understood. Lionel Trilling

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Olivia said...

Ooh I know what you mean. It's not easy re-emerging into the world when they give you mind-numbing tasks like that.

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