Friday, January 06, 2006

Jaffa Biscuits

I heard this story ages ago about how there was a big argument about whether the humble Jaffa Cake was indeed a cake or a biscuit. Apparently the way to tell the difference is that a biscuit goes soft when stale and a cake goes hard. Interesting stuff eh?

Well the story I heard was that Mcvities, who are the creators of this most Chorange (see what I did there?) of sponges, made a massive Jaffa Cake in order to prove that it went hard not soft when stale. I have no idea whether this is true. I have no idea why such a monolithic Jaffa cake was required. Also I don't care, just the very idea of a giant Jaffa Cake fills me with joy.

As an update to this great story, apparently Jaffa cakes are indeed cakes. However, the UK governement in their infinite wisdom have a bunch of bureaucrats working on getting it reclassified as a biscuit. Something to do with biscuits being in a higher tax bracket. There aren't enough words, I mean really!

You can actually hear the oxygen being wasted.


I think we'd live in a lot happier place if they marketed giant Jaffa Cakes. That would be awesome. 'Slice of Jaffa Vicar?', 'Well you can sod off! It's all mine a tells ya! muahahahahahahahaha!'.



Lady Boulder said...

I love Jaffa Cakes!!! Would you like to trade links?

Olivia said...


I discovered that the Pims Jaffa cakes in Europe were nicer than the McVities Jaffas.

I dare you.


MattJ said...

Those are some bold words Miss Olivia, a challenger to the Mcvities crown you say? pffff! See the problem with other brands of Jaffa usually lies in poor quality chocolate, its the complete package you see? Its no good having awesome orange squidginess if you've got tesco value chocolate and sponge youe could break diamonds on! Next time I am in europe I will try these pretenders to the throne but they have a long battle ahead of them!

colormecynical said...

its fun, i don't know if you have them in the UK (never looked for them while i was there) but every christmas i get something called a "chocolate orange" which is quite literally an orange made entirely out of chocolate just blessed with orange oil. We skipped the cake bit entirely and enjoy real "choranges" every year.

MattJ said...

pfffff! Terrys Chocolate Orange? Granted, a tasty delicacy. I'm afraid it's no Jaffa Cake though!

besides, it's clearly in a different weight category and should be facing up to the likes of After Eights or other non-every day chocs! :-p

Olivia said...

Matt - I think Pims sells its jaffa cakes here.

Colorme - chocolate oranges were *invented* in the UK!

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