Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bad moods, Bad sleep and Honey Badgers

I am not in a very good mood today. It's one of those 'I just am' ones though. I reckon it's a combination of my decreasing daily amounts of sleep and something that irked me last night. The thing was only a minior irritant at the time but now I'm annoyed about it, which is a shame because it really isn't worth my time. I think this has only happened due to the sleep thing I'm sure, which is why the specifics of the irritant aren't worth mentioning - irksome, yes, but should be forgotten by now.

I can't remember ever sleeping that well, particularly over recent years, except during a few specific periods. I have a tendency to sleep for 4-6 hours a night, sometimes straight through, sometimes in patches, then after a few weeks of that I crash out for about 12 hours. that's the best bit because I wake up feeling great. Hasn't happened in a while though which is quite odd.

Anyway, I think that's where the grumpiness has come from.

Actually I just reread what I wrote, it appears I have come up with a cure for insomnia right there, dull isn't it?


So. In order to cheer myself up a bit I decided to look something up. I've been listening to a podcast called Simulacrum on my MP3 player. Some of the episodes are bloody hilarious. Anyway the host is obsessed with the Honey Badger. At first I thought it was something he made up but it's not! They are real creatures, which is great. Just the name 'Honey Badger' brings a smile to my curmudgeony face. It's having the same effect on me as Magical Trevor does when I have access to sound on my PC (which I don't at work). You can't help but smile.

So there you have it, a cure for melancholy and pointless irritation: The words 'Honey Badger' and Magical Trevor.

Awww! Look at their cute little HoneyBadgeriness!

And of course the inimitable Magical Trevor!


Incidentally, if any of you have any podcast recommendations please let me know as I am loving the concept at the moment, so catch me before the novelty wears off! Particularly comedy but I'll give anything a whirl!


Rob has saved me from my Hermitage. He has offered to get some tinnies in tomorrow night so it looks like my dry spell is about to end. We're going to watch the excellent Twin Town with Rhys and Llyr Ifans. You'll recognise Rhys from Notting Hill and various other films but his brother hasn't been in anything else I don't think. Anyway, watch it if you see it. It's a lot funnier and better than it may look on first appearance. If you can understand the thick Swansea accents that is. Which brings me on to the Matt Trivia most of you probably already know: Rhys and Llyr are from my hometown. I can tell you're impressed, in the words of Cartman 'Who wants to touch me? I said who wants to f*****g touch me?!'.

It's lucky Rob is getting a few beers in because I was running out of Kitchen cleaner and mouthwash. I know, I shouldn't drink cocktails on an empty stomach but y'know......


OK, that's it for now I think. Go look at pictures of Honey Badgers.


Olivia said...

You seem quite taken with these vicious little badgers.

Also, i checked out the Twin Towers site. If Rhys is just like Spike, then I would watch it. Spike was awesome.
Lots of Lewises in the film, surprised there are no Joneses :P

Hope you are more cheery tomorrow.

MattJ said...

Twin Town olivia! lol!

He the character he plays is different to Spike but I still think you'll like him. It's a difficult film to describe but you can pick it up in Virgin for about 4 pounds, so if you don't like it you can use it as a coaster lol!

Infinitely cheerier today thankyou, I don't stay in bad moods for too long as it's too much effort.

MattJ said...

And they aren't vicious, just misunderstood.

Olivia said...

Well the only one i remember was baring his sharp little teeth!

Hehe, sorry, Twin Towers was a tasteless slip of the mind.

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