Wednesday, January 04, 2006

It's OK, I'm Back.

You lucky people.

Ok I am going to go through various happenings over the last week or so, this may take some time. Go make a cup of tea.

So I think we covered Christmas, though I did fail to mention the radical departure from tradition in my household in that my mother bought me wearable items of clothing. So go mum!

Also the gadget arrived in time for my trip to Hull, it's an excellent piece of kit so the guilt hasn't quite kicked in just yet, I'm sure it will given time though.

So I went to Hull, the intention being that I would be seeing Emi for a day or two while there and the rest of the time with Astrid and Hayley. The Astrid and Hayley elements went off with great success, was really good to see them again as usually I don't really get time to see other people when I go up to Hull, time constraints don't really allow it and me and the Rah are usually too drunk to move!

There was a slight hiccup in the Emi plans:

Artists impression of Emerald on 29th December

So basically she turned into Captain Scot. Not wise for her to make the journey to Hull in George her Nissan Micra. He's getting on a bit. I was able to see her briefly on the 1st in order to collect my Christmas presents: pen with a game attatched! (which I have been shamelessly playing almost relentlessly), a Bingo Game (Emi thinks it is a legal requirement to remind me that I am very old on an almost hourly basis) and a copy of Ripley's Believe it or Not. The poor hapless fool! Now she is going to be bombarded with the little factoids I pick up from this book!


Red Leader has told me that my blog has become incredibly boring. He usually says things like this when he hasn't been featured in a while. Although in this instance he is probably right, I think I need to start making things up or leading an interesting life again!


Found out during my visit to Hull that my mate Tom is now engaged. He's the first guy I met at Hull University, we were both on the Open Day there and proceeded to spend the next 3 years keeping each other sane. Tom helped start the Computer Society at Uni, I was on the committee for it. You need to understand that at Hull the Computer Science student demographic splits up roughly like this:

9% Alcoholic Revellers (*whistles..*).
10% Could get them out with a bit of effort.
81% A-Z of skin complaints, hair by Black & Decker and social skills that make Calvin Coolidge seem positively chatty.

I was the Social Secretary. We basically started off treating it like an outreach program, trying to get some of them to come out and socialise with non-computer people. With a happy harcore, it worked. We had between 20 and 30 members we could get out on a big night out to have a good time. I'm being unfair of course, but then I usually am.

Anyway, point being Tom is engaged to an absolute Legend of a girl called Beverly. So congratulations Tom. And Bev, you'll be rewarded in your next life for taking one for the team I'm sure.

In a positive marriage-a-palooza, fellow blogger Jo has also had the question popped in a most traditional manner, so go Dave for that one.


In further Gadget news, it looks liek the phone I want could be available as a free upgrade so may not need to threaten to leave the network in order to get my own way. This is good because I really can't be arsed!


Party News now! It would appear that once again I am to attend the 'New Years' party in London as the NHS have graciously allowed my Dad to have his hip operation. On the 2nd of February. Well, as far as things stand anyway. He'll probably end up breathing in the wrong direction and they'll cancel the thing again. Anyway, so little point in me heading back to Wales for his 60th when he's going to be in Hospital. I'll be heading up when he is out, be good to see him mobile again though I doubt it will improve his driving any. Getting back to Surrey yesterday he refused to acknowledge the existence of mini roundabouts which was an interesting experience to say the least.


Ok that's the life update, I'm sure there is more going on but I think Red Leader is probably right, it's much more entertaining when I write complete crap, so watch this space!


Olivia said...

Hehe, I had a bit of a laugh imagining your dad ignoring the mini roundabouts.

And that snow, is that how much they had up north?

M. said...

Happy New Year, Matt! Geez, I haven't seen that much snow since moving from the northeast of the US.

MattJ said...

Lol! I know it snowed a lot, but that is only a pic i nicked off the internet to represent her plight!

Same to you M!

Olivia said...

Just here for a little rant, as you are rant-a-matt. I am feeling a little guilty for writing such detailed descriptions of my holidays. Even though everyone I expected IS reading them...
"I have started so I will finish".

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