Friday, January 06, 2006

In all seriousness

I had one post written, but realised some bits were a bit more ranty and serious than the other bits. As a result I have thoughtfully dissected the serious bits away from the fleshy goodness of the life of Matt and put them here for you to ignore.

Aren't I good?

[Kind of Politicky bit, so not for you Pedr!]

Charles Kennedy has been having some drink problems so now all the vultures are circling. Some evil bitch he sacked for being crap at her job has been saying on Radio 4 that he's had problems since before he was conceived or some other such bollox. Excuse my language but this kind of thing annoys me. I don't think an alcoholic leader is going to inspire confidence in party members, but all of this character assassination is completely unjustified. The fact is he has done a great job as leader of the Lib Dems, he's taken them to their strongest position in living memory, in fact I'm pretty sure it's in their entire history.

Don't get me wrong, I do think he is using a certain element of the 'Sympathy Vote' but not to the extent some of his more vicious detractors are claiming.

Apparently he's relapsed several times during his addiction so maybe he isn't the best choice for leader, purely on a pragmatic front. Personally I'd still vote for him because I think he is a skilled politician and a capable party leader, but I dont think the rest of the British Public would go along with me there.

Maybe we need a drunk Priminister, if only for an afternoon. Preferably the afternoon of a state visit by Dubyah. You could charge for tickets.

Anyway, I'm sure the leadership of the Lib Dems read my blog so here's message to those of you who are skulking about, talking to the gutter press in order to get your name published, probably for the only time in your miserbale lives. How about you stop attacking the character of a good man and a good politician and start thinking about who is best to succeed him? You look pathetic with all your 'I've always said there was something about him.......' crap and you make you're party look stupid just so you can get an ego boost when you see your statement in the Sun tomorrow.

To the majority of you though, for keeping tight lipped and honest. Kudos.

I should point out I am not a total left winger, just when it suits me. I'm not entirely sure you should have to camp entirely on one side of the fence, personally the far left wind me up nearly as much as the far right. I'm all for renewable energy, saving trees and all manner of fluffy animals(except possibly cats. Actually I've softened in my old age. Except most cats.) but sadly their most vehement proponents are often as objectionable and unrealsitic as those they oppose.

Anyway, enough Politics. Leave Charles alone. You shits.

[/Opinionated rant over]



I'm Macifying my PC apparently. I had no idea I was doing it, I just don't really like the Windows task bar thingy and saw a guy at work with a nifty looking thingy on his screen and downloaded it. It's here if anyone is interested and right now I like it. That may change. Come on people, it's me. It's almost definitely going to change! Anyway point is people keep sneering at me in a slightly geeky way and telling me I am trying to turn my PC into a Mac. The held wisdom being that Macs are computers especially built for idiots.

I'm not sure why this is a bad thing. Macs until very recently ruled the Music and Graphics world. I've never used one but they are allegedly incredibly simple to use and if this thing I have is anything to go by I can believe it. I don't see the problem, the general populace are still technophobic when it comes to computers. So what if you take functionality and the ability to do anything interesting away? Most people want computers to access the internet, for reasons they don't understand, and to write documents. Maybe to play games. I'm all for making computers that do the bare minimum of what people want and completely removing the ability to do anything else.

This sounds really Big Brothery but thanks to massive Stores and Tiny Geek retailers alike, many people still think they can break their PCs beyond all recognition by hitting the escape key. The only way to combat it is to produce a line that can't be destroyed that way. Preinstall everything and have it with Auto updates. So they all come with antivirus, firewalls, adware protection and Windows. When you hook up to the interent it updates everything without asking.

This is only a solution for the true PC-phobe of course, but I think something like this that eases people into the PC use thing could stop them getting totally skinned when they go buy a proper PC. Because the likes of PC World will silk you for every penny, especially on their 500 quid extended warranties which they sell using a mixture of fear and threats of Armageddon.

Sorry. That went on for longer than I intended.



Olivia said...

Hey I protest! When did you sneak all these posts in yesterday?

I swear I checked more than once!

*shaking my fist at you*

OK now I'm off to actually read them..

Olivia said...

Now to my comment on this one:

Did you know Dubyah is a recovered alcoholic? He no longer touches the stuff and holds to a strict diet and exercise regimen.

I do admire him for that.

On to the Macs, I think they are works of art. Ooh double entendre there as I go on to say that's why I couldn't have one, their gleaming white surfaces get so dirty!

MattJ said...

I know Dubyah is a recovering alcoholic, so kudos to him for not touching a drop. I do find the bizarre moral contadictions of the American public bizarre though. George Bush crashed a car while drunk with, I believe, his sister in the passenger seat but thats OK. Clinton has some sex and he is the son of the devil. Very wierd.

Olivia said...

Yes but Clinton's occurred while he was President and IN the Oval Office!!!

Dubya's occurred in a phase of his life that's had a line drawn under it.
That said, I think they should have stopped bothering David Cameron about whether he smoked weed in school. *Everyone* did it back then. It's a wonder anyone who grew up in the 60s or 70s got into public office if that approach is taken!

MattJ said...

The fact still remains that Clinton didnt endanger anyones life through his actions. Like I say, respect due to him for quitting the drinking, but I can't help but think his reckless endagerment days are far from over, rather they have expanded.

But that's probaly more to do with political persuasion on my part so I'll leave it! lol!

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