Friday, January 06, 2006

On Yer Bike!

I'm off to Espom on Saturday to pick a bicycle in preparation for the scheme I joined at work. Basically you get to buy a Bike tax free over the year. This is yet another cunning plan to encourage me to the gym more often, I'm finding the prospect of a 35 minute walk home in the freezing cold after a work out has been putting me off some.

In a stunning display of forethought and 'Killing two birds with one stone-ness' I'll hopefully be hooking up with the Microscopic Sam for lunch in Espsom too, thus allowing for catching up and other such activities. She spent Christmas and New Year over in Ireland with her boyfriends family so should be good to find out what she got up to.


I've decided to do something interesting this year. Maybe more than one thing, I'm not sure. I'm pretty sure I'm going to need a passport in order to achieve this goal but I'm not entirely sure what the end result will be yet. I did have a passport but somewhere between leaving Hull and coming here it's vanished. Pretty sure all of the plans I made last year for this year have been abandoned for various reasons so need to start making some new ones!

To that end I've started to try to think of things to do that don't rely on other people, that way I'm left with no option but to blame myself when things go wrong. Although if there are any handy inanimate objects about I'll probably manage to offload some of the responsibilty that way.

One of my many plans is a throw back to something I've been thinking about on and off for about 3 years that I still really fancy doing. Basically it involves going to Lake Garda in Italy and camping during the Opera Season. Then I can go to Verona to catch the open air operas they have there, it's reputedly phenomenal. You can buy decanted plastic bottles of wine and take picnics in and it's supposed to be tremendous. The scenery around Garda is supposed to be great and the locals friendly. This is all second hand information though so I could be entirely wrong, but in terms of getting away from everything I don't think I can get much more isolated than camping around a lake in the middle of a country where I don't speak the language. Unless you count Surrey of course.

Calm down! I'm kidding!

I got plans to go visit Maria towards the back end of the year, would be good to see the Columbian Coffee Kleptomaniac again but that all depends on what she's up to with her University stuff, she's doing incredibly clever things with a great deal of syllables in the title. I'm hoping one day she will be able to realise Mike's dream of a Squow happily prancing from tree to tree, hunting down the evil Grey squirrels. I have no idea whether what she does has anything to do with playing God but she's a clever girl, I'm sure she'll pick it up. Allegedly He did a whole planet in 6 days so how hard can it be?

"But that means you are relying on someone Matt! You lied to us!". That's what you're thinking right? Either that or "Did I finish that bag of Twiglets or are there some left?" Well if it's the first statement, you're wrong you see! I am only planning on going if she's about, if not I will go somewhere else. OK, I haven't decided where yet but this is a pretty big place so I'm sure I will think of something. I'm not sure where this idea for the solo hoildays has come from, I'll probably rethink it at some point but right now I'm developing some fairly hermit-like tendencies.

Incidentally the laws of Physics dictate that once a bag of Twiglets is opened, they will be consumed in their entirety. Basically, half empty packets of Twiglets are a spacial anomally that signifies the approaching collapse of the known universe and all life therein.


My PC isn't broken. It hasn't been broken in over two weeks. I'm very happy.


I should point out that I'm adding this bit because I know it will annoy Red Leader, so the rest of you can look away if you like, it's just an update on my new toy. I've been playing around with Pdocast software and can now just plug it into my PC and Juice searches the internet for updates to the podcasts I subscribe to, then MediaPlayer qutomatically synchronises it with my player.

This teaches you something very important about Geeks. Every single thing that a geek does is designed to reduce the amount of effort it takes them to do it. That is the sole goal in any technological achievement. I can argue the case for this anytime you like with any advancement. The funny thing is the amount of time and effort someone will go to in order to design somehting that boils water slightly faster or make a water proof shoelace.

Anyway. I'm going.


MJ said...

Thank you for the very smart comment!!!! i appreciate it!!! is the plans have completely changed like 3 times during this year (6 days). I wanted to go to Europe during the summer, but then my sister told me she bought a time share in Hawaii that she wasn't going to use this year so that I could use it...but, then i got news on the possibility of doing a fellowship during the smmer either here in miami or in pittsburgh...I would really preffer pitt, but i have to wait and see if I even get it...although I am confident that I will....
Towards the end of the summer it is very possible that I will be moving somwhere for my PhD, but again, I don't know exactly where...Pitt, philly, NC, Maryland, New Jersey, St. Louis....I have no long as i have a house at some place you are welcome to it whenever you want!!!!
I will keep you posted on what happens... I know it is annoying to not be able to finalize any plans..I am sorry....believe, I am extremely frustrated about not knowing where i'll be 6 months from now...but I promise as soon as i know anything we will make plans and stick to them

Paddy Duncan said...

Doesn't iTunes automatically sync your podcasts that you subsribe to? Come on Matt, join the dark side, life's much simpler that way.

Olivia said...
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Olivia said...

Oh bother, I can't get this link right.

Anyway, you're such forward-thinkers!

I went to the Verona Opera last summer. Pics and bits at:
Italy Pics

My mum went to Lake Garda this summer and absolutely loved it. She prefers it to L. Maggiore. Stunning scenery and the Fascists hewed some awesome public roads out of the rock faces.

MJ - did you clear up the problem about your paper with your professor???

MattJ said...

Paddy - yes it does but I couldnt get a good iPod for this price, only a Naffo so I got got the pretty creative instead! lol! Besides, I did computer science so I don't need things that do everything for me, I like to tinker!

MJ no fear hun, I had no intention of prebooking anything, reckon I could cope with like 1 months notice, you know how disorganised I am!

Liv - Update on the plans, actually spoke to a mate of mine who is really keen on the camping/opera idea so I may have a drinking partner with me! Though he is trying to persuade me to take snowboarding lessons with him. I don't see why i should, he's the one who scoffed at his girlfriend calling it 'Easy', so now she wants to see him hurt himself, what did I do to deserve a similar fate?!

Olivia said...

Well done. But will he only agree to Verona if you take snowboarding lessons with him?

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