Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Don't worry, I've not forgotten about you. just really busy this week, hope to post tonight or tomorrow.

Quick update:

1) No Bike yet, didnt have the one I wanted
2) Now have food in the house, had nice Pork, Hiney and Mustard sausages for dinner. Yum!

In London later today, round Warren Street.

Back soon.


Olivia said...

Indeed, you must be busy, haven't seen you round in a while.

Fancy sausages are a treat - I like pork, apple and rosemary best. Have tried in the past: lamb, mint and mango; pork, sage and grape.

Weird huh?

MattJ said...

Wild boar and Aplle on a bed of Apple and currant mash is my poshest I think I've had! Not so posh today, fired potatos with remaining sausages :D

Olivia said...

I've got sushi tonight, dunno why, it's so cold outside, and I have lots of potato in various forms in my fridge...

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