Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Intrepid Mountainbike-a-teer!

I have my bike! Woohoo! I am very happy.

This is probably the best new benefit they've added to the package they give us at work. There are 2 government initiatives, one is to do with buying computers and the other is buying Bikes. Now the computer one is a rip off as their selected vendor inflates the price before discounting it if you know what I mean? The idea is you pay for these things Tax-free over the year.

Anyway, I digress. Cycle2Work is what the scheme is called. You choose a value of voucher, this is used to pay for your Bike and the bit you pay for. It's over the year, you pay monthly but it is a Tax Free value so you don't actually pay the full amount. At the end of the lease period you should be able to buy the Bike at about 10% of it's value, so that's all good. Also you get 10% of it's value in accessories for free.

OK, that's the dull bit mostly over. I went to Epsom on Saturday to get my bike but they didnt have the one I wanted in yet. Being the impatient sort, I found out they had one in Redhill. So after my meeting in London I went off to Redhill to collect the Bike and various bits and bobs (including a new courier bag because I am an idiot and forgot my own bag!). I had a moment of madness when I though I would cycle the 12 miles home in rush hour traffic, after not being on a cycle for the best part of 8 years! Luckily the moment passed and I got on a train to Dorking. 'I'll cycle from there, it's only 5 miles' I thought. I vaguely remembered someone saying something about a cycle path that runs from Dorking to Leatherhead. When I got to the station, however, a train was about to leave, Leatherhead bound! So I bottled it and jumped on board. I don't care how it looks, I'm bloody glad I did! I only cycled a little over 2 miles back to the flat from the station and I was knackered!

This is definitely a gradual process. Happily by the time the good weather returns, not only will I be a rippled stud from my soon to be more regular exersions at the gym, but I will also be a rugged outdoorsman! It'll be a positive swoonathon wherever I go!

Probably from body odour more than anything else, but you have to start somewhere.


Jia Li said...

cool. I love bikes and cycling. Have fun!

Olivia said...

Jia Li, how did you find yourself all the way over here?

MattJ said...

I am enjoying it after one day so far lol! Although I do feel like somebody has been bashin my thighs with a hammer right now!

Olivia said...

Last time I rode a bike, the next day my calves were ON FIRE.

Course I am older and wiser now, and know about warmup and cooldown so as not to allow the lactic acid to build up in my muscles.

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