Thursday, January 26, 2006

Officially Educated

That's right folks, today I officially graduate from the University of Hull. I am not attending the ceremony for a variety of reasons, chiefly that my parents wouldn't be able to make it which renders the whole circus largely irrelevant. Also there are time and money issues that are far too dull to go into. So I am now fully in the ranks of the Professional apparently. Go Me.

I kind of messed up my final year project in a fairly catastrophic way, for various reasons, which has resulted in me getting a 2:2 rather than the 2:1 I was aiming for. I was annoyed with myself for a little while, then realised I had been offered the job I wanted which is what your degree is for after all, anything else is a bonus. I had a fantastic time while at Uni and got a degree as well, so kind of ticked all the boxes I think?

OK, so I wasn't able to attend the ceremony and don't have the photo, this is a shame. Luckily RoboMatt is imbued with the soul of Michaelangelo and has been able to cunningly craft a Graduation photo from my work mugshot "using the latest 3D rendering software" that is indiscernable from an original! I present it here to you, behold the skills of a true artist:

It's all very strange. Any photo taken of me in a social setting, I am always in a weird pose or pulling an odd face. Official type photos - always hungover.


In other news, this bike riding is demoralising me. Even in my weakened and Fitness Peon-like state, I should be able to manage 2 miles without feeling like I am about to die from a leg explosion. I have no idea how exactly a leg explosion would manifest itself in terms of how the explosion would occur, but I think you'll agree that it doesn't sound pleasant.

It doesn't help when the office is seemingly populated by seasoned Tour de France Veterans who take the "Long Way" to work via Milton Keynes whilst reading Lance Armstrong's Biography. It's OK though, it's fine. I'm enjoying it despite the arctic conditions and the discomfort, I like having a Bike again.

I'm resisiting resuming my long long since expired subscription to Mountain Biking UK magazine. Magazines about hobbies and past times make you buy things you suddenly 'need'. I need some bike lube stuff, tire tools and a spare tube and maybe a few other maintennance bits but that's it! No Bike upgrades until at least next year, and only then if I get serious. I'm putting this in writing, link to this post and remind me in 6 months if I start making 'buying bits/upgrades for the bike' noises.

Use these words: 'You're never going to get to go on Holiday if you buy that!'


Going for a few drinks tomorrow after work, which is good becasue I think I've forgotten what the inside of a pub looks like. I'll take a good long look tomorrow night.

On Saturday my mate Jenny is coming over and we are going to spend the evening watching the A-Team and eating curry, if I can eprsuade my flat mate to lend us his A-Team DVDs. It'll be awesome, trust me. Don't be thinking it was my idea either! She's the one who suggested we watch the A-Team. Granted the curry was my idea, so I guess it's a joint effort. I haven't seen her since before Christmas so be good to catch up, she has a new boy called Tom who sounds pretty cool so she's been a bit busy. So it looks like I am going to redevelop my social life this month which can only be a good thing.

My social life doesn't just extend to the A-Team and curry you understand, though that should be enough for any sane person. Got the big work do next week which should involve plenty of drinks and merriment! Then off to the Church, some comedy type club in London on the Sunday with Sam and her friend. On Monday 5th I think I agreed to go with her to see The Bigger Picture too. It's some TV show with Graham Norton apparently. Plenty of other stuff that I think i have already mentioned here before.


Got Pay review coming up in work over the next few weeks. I am not due for any kind of actual review of my salary until June but they hold the reviews in February for everyone. I looked at the system. It's kind of like a really complicated version of 'Tell us, in 1000 words or less, why we should give you more money.....'. It's all very exciting.


I was going to do a big post about Mcvities HobNobs. I still may do sometime soon but there needs to be a requirement for me to push it to the top of the 'To Blog About' list. I mean are there any sick freaks out there who actually dispute that this Mighty Creation is the King of all things Biscuit?


Olivia said...

Congrats on your degree! Look, you're right - you have the job you want, and that's what matters.

I've always been a good student, got my honours BA and my 2:1 masters. But not the job I want!

Olivia said...

P.S. If that's the Church that all the Aussies in Shepherds Bush go to, then I am not so sure it will be comedy you'll be seeing...

M. said...

Oh my goodness, congratulations on the graduation! Also with the job! Finding a job is often the hardest part, and you have that already.

A-Team and curry, eh? That'd be my kind of evening. Have fun!


Famulus said...


Hello. Your prod has woken me from my hibernation and I must stumble, bleary eyed, back into the world above ground. Congrats on the graduation. I too got a Bishop Desmond, but not due to failing in anyway, for me it was As Good As Can Be Expected.

Since you asked so nicely, I shall indeed start posting on my blog again. I shan't bore you with why I stopped, but being out of practice, it may take a few posts before you can make any sense of it.

For public record, Matt is not fascinated with my car and is in no way related to Carassius auratus. Any suspicious behaviour indicating otherwise is entirely my fault.

Postings will start today. (Friday.)

lower said...

Well done matt - finally graduated. I probably should have done the same but , well, have to try for the summer now I guess. Summer graduations are better anyway. :-)

As for the biking experience... why do you think I'm a pedestrian?


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