Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Work is a 4 letter word...

Where have you been?! I hear you cry! Well, actually I don't. Your wailing and gnashing of teeth has been conspicuous in its absence people, you're in danger of damaging the carefully crafted delusions of popularity that keep my overinflated yet fragile ego afloat!

Well if any of you are interested, work was a bit mental last week so didnt really have time to blog. I know they are taking liberties expecting me to work for my money but what can I say? I'm a soft touch. In this instance, busy = good. I'm getting a lot more job satisfaction than I was previously and it's not like I have a social life so putting in the extra hours is no bad thing.

So I may not be able to update every single day as I am trying to fit blogging into my lunch hour, which I don't always spend at my desk. Shocking I know.

Anyway, enough about work.


Well, nearly enough. This is kind of related. My new bike Voucher has arrived so soon I will be the proud owner of a shiny new mountain bike. This is a good thing, I'll be able to travel to and from work on it, to and from the gym and it looks like some leaisure biking could be on the cards too. This is through something mentioned by a colleague of mine, though I am worried that what constitutes 'leisure biking' in his book seems an awful lot of hard work. It also involves orienteering which will only serve to further highlight my navigational incompetence. Well I assume that will be the case, never having touched any form of map reading before. I mean, that's what route planners are for right?


I'm a little worried about this sex offenders teaching kids thing that's going on. I have to say right off the bat that the case they are using as an example is a slightly unfair one on the man involved in terms of his persecution and villification by the gutter press. Forming a relationship with a 15 year old student was wrong on every level but not quite on a par with what we traditionally associate with paedophilia. All I'm saying is that while it's right he shouldn't be able to work in school or in a situation with teenagers again I don't think he should be in fear of his life, which he is - thanks to certain reporters.

Anyway, back to my original point. I am quite liberal in many respects but given the question 'should someone who looks at kiddy porn be allowed to work with children' I am going to have to be draconian and come down on the side of No. I like Marcus Brigstock's analogy, I paraphrase here:

"I know you may think it's a little harsh of me but I do have my little prejudices like that. If I owned a butchers shop and a Lion applied for a job, I'd probably turn him down. If I ran a chemists and Pete Doherty asked for a job in the dispensery, I'd have to say no..."

I really don't get it. I don't care if it's one mistake or if she is consenting. You're in a position of responsibility and trust and I just don't think you can have a grey area when it comes to the care of children of any age. That's when mistakes are made and the really dangerous people get to positions where they shouldn't be


So I've not posted in over a week and have nothing to report in my life, it's bad isn't it? To be perfectly honest I'm a little strapped this month but I have a pretty good social calendar for Feb so I'm not that bothered. I have the big works bash on 3rd Feb, somethings I am doing with Sam and her friend on 5th and 6th feb. Then Pedr is coming down for the first Saint Helens game of the season against the newly renamed London Harlequins RLFC. It'll be my first Rugby League match since leaving Hull so looking forward to it a great deal!

Kudos to Harlequins here by the way. Everyone was worried they would use the Rugby League club as a feeder for the Union side but it looks like they are pushing it and for the first time ever I have seen advertising for Rugby League in the south. 'Quins are advertising on trains, which is more than happened when Twickenham hosted the Challenge cup final (one of the most prestigious events in the game) in 2001 (I think?). Thankfully it's never gone there again and it's gone to good grounds instead, Millenium stadium and Murrayfield.

Finally there could be an extended trip to Hull late in Feb, it's a mates birthday and I'm hoping to take some time fof work so I can stay with various friends up there. Need to speak to the people involved first though I think! Anyway will try to make future posts more entertaining.

Back to work now.


Olivia said...

You may have been absent, but it didn't keep some of us from checking daily to see if you were back yet!

Mike said...

Same here. Your ramblings are a small speck of colour in the tedious greyness of workdays so really you should post every workday at the very least. Weekends are fine though, feel free to go and do your own thing with my blessing :D

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