Thursday, January 12, 2006

Regional Man Of Mystery

[This entry was one I started last Thursday, so forgive any disjointedness as I finish it today! Disjointedness may not be a word but it's my blog so you can sod off!]

You may remember many months ago that one of my goals was to become an International Man Of Mystery. Obviously this dream can only be realised through a combination of hard work, dedication and exaggerating my achievements. Mostly the latter.

I am happy to report that the first step has been made towards this goal, at least in my work life. In the last week I have not only travelled to the bright lights of Birminighams famed and glamorous International Airport but have today been loaned out to our Great Portland Street office. Clearly my skills are in high demand*, and as such I feel I have at least achieved a Regional Man of Mystery status, and am well on my way to achieving the National rank. I'm rather disappointed that no kind of badge/certificate has been forthcoming or at least some sort of hat but I suppose it's a way of maintaining that air of Mystery that is indicated in the title.


In other news, Red Leader has expressed a desire to join my Gym which is really good, having someone to go with helps maintain a better routine I think, I've not been so good of late but that's been mainly down to circumstance rather than a lack of will. The lack of Will comes later I think so it's a good time for him to start!

*The envelope stuffing and figure checking work I was given to do was clearly a front for the work of National (or at least regional) importance that i can't tell you about. Guv'nor. errmm.......

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Olivia said...

Great Portland Street, eh? My old neighbourhood, since Christie's Edu moved to Great Titchfield St a couple of summers ago.

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