Saturday, March 28, 2009

My People Have Spoken

Browsing the t'internet about Netbooks and found this comment in response to someone else in my position:

Don't think of this as some big long term decision. These machines will be so much better in a year or two that you will have a hard time giving away whatever you buy in the next few months. Really! Homeless people will look down their noses at you, saying, "Why are you trying to give this old thing to me?"

So you could keep waiting for two years and get one free in a box of breakfast cereal that is twice as fast and comes with a year's free Internet connection via cell phone network, or just say what the heck and start having fun with what is available now.

Now a normal person would find the idea of buying something now that will be utterly worthless in a year or so something of a silly thing to do. Not the geek. And not the gadget freak.

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