Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I've worked it out, I am a human Buckaroo! I've come out of the 'I'm going to murder everyone in the office' stage now, I'm now entering the 'Laughing in the face of people I really shouldn't be laughing in the face of' stage.

Someone is currently trying to handover 8 months worth of work to me in 15 minutes.

Friday will be interesting, I've been asked to give a talk at a local University - I wonder if I'll just stand up, announce 'I am a fish' and faint?


Jo said...

I so want to see that! I'd seriously pay to see that!

Also, I'm scheduled to give a talk at a local college next week. Two classes, one right after the other... :(

Olivia said...

I know! I'm with Jo! I cannot imagine this. Both of you too!

What are y'all talking about?

MattJ said...

Me? I'm hoping to stick with the fish thing to be honest.

Jo said...

I'm talking about being an editor and the civic importance of journalism to intro English classes.


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