Saturday, March 28, 2009

Willpower is vastly overrated

So I bought a new gadget the other day, something I can't class as furniture or decoration - it's electronic gadgetry that makes life marginally but unnecessarily easier.

I spent hours pouring over spec sheets, customer reviews, adding and discarding requirements at a speed that was really quite something. The end result is that my car now has a wisewoman-in-a-box to guide it.

I caved, I bought SatNav.

This is because I am terrible at navigating towns and cities I don't know, it already guided me through Milton Keynes' infinite number of roundabouts. Milton Keynes was built by Lego, everywhere looks the same as everywhere else. So I have a Garmin Nuvi, it's awesome and isn't TomTom. And I can make the icon on the screen look like the Black Pearl. Yeah, be jealous.

Unfortunately, this gadget - that does fill a valid role - has opened the gadget gates of my mind. I am currently seriously toying with buying a netbook. I've already decided when, where and how often I would use it and unfortunately there is enough there for what little fiscal sense I have to be beaten to the ground with old CRT monitors.

But we all know the truth. Yes it could be useful, and yes I will use it frequently. But we know the truth. It's small, it's gadgety - I don't stand a chance.

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