Friday, March 20, 2009

The Vicious Circle

So now I don't have my loungy chair & footstool thingy I don't have anywhere to put feet and pizza when slounging. This now means I need a coffee table. Pah!

Also, apparently I need place mats for the table. I'm not sure why I need place mats, the fact that the table surface is one huge placemat appears to be lost on most people.

Plates are generally bigger than place mats so they can't be for keeping the table protected from spillage, and even if that were the case you still have to clean the bloody place mats so where the hell is the win here?!

Frankly, you people are ridiculous.

This is it now isn't it? An endless quest for inanimate objects. Thank God the Nintendo DSi is out soon so I can go back to sensible, right-thinking purchases.


the projectivist said...

i decided today
that i might possibly
if i do not have a Nintendo Wii.

MattJ said...

All these charities that throw their money at african children, and they don't notice those like us that suffer on their doorstep.

It's worse when they do notice though. They shout 'get off my doorstep' and call the police and take out restraining orders.


the projectivist said...


Olivia said...

Have you been looking at placemats in Lilliput? Because they are not generally bigger than plates.

MattJ said...

@'livvy: Don't you mean 'not generally smaller than plates'? otherwise you are agreeing with me :p Sure they are aren't they? maybe not all the way around - but you generally get a rectangular place mat right? so there may be some overlap in either direction?
My point being, that either way something has to get cleaned.

Olivia said...

Hahaha, you got me there, I did mean to disagree with you, as I always do, Matt!

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