Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pope: Condom Use Increases Spread of AIDS

Carrying on the fine tradition of ignorance and murder by proxy pioneered by Jean Paul II, Pope Benolyn has decreed that the use of condoms can only serve to increase the spread of the deady AIDS virus which has claimed 25 million African lives since 1981.

Rather than referring to anything approaching a scientific or factual analysis he claimed that friendship and spiritual awakening would cure Africa of this deadly epidemic. The Pope didn't, of course, refer to the Bible when making this decree as it is also completely silent on the issue of contraception.

Can someone explain to me why completely unqualified religious people are allowed to speak to medical matters? To matters of state? to matters of life and death? I'd have no objection to this if he backed up his words with credible evidence. I would have no problem with any religious 'leader' vomitting out their opinion, no matter how unpalatable, if they based it on anything other than uninformed, ignorant opinion.

yeah, this is a smashing day.


Jo said...

Yeah, this is big news. Especially after the Vatican was caught not awares of the Internets.

Chris said...

I suppose condom manufacturers might regard this as an attack on their shoddy workmanship. Think they'll sue?

Olivia said...

It qualifies as one of those nuggets of crystallised stupid.

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