Friday, March 06, 2009

Feeling Festive

This year so far I am going to Glastonbury and Sonisphere.

I am now trying to work out how to afford Download too, mainly becaise Faith No More are playing.

So far Glastonbury bands look OK, but I'm going more because of the experience than anything else.

Sonishpere is new and has Metallica headlining (w00t!). Also, the super-more awesomer Alice in Chains are playing. The blonde dude died a while back, but the new dude they have in the line-up looks passable and its the guitarist guy who's the creative talent anyway:


Jo said...

OK, Matt. You've lost your music aficianado license. The current lead singer for Alice In Chains is Will DuVall. The previous one was Layne Stanley. The guitarist guy you refer to is the great Jerry Cantrell.

Get with the program!

(also, Faith No More is pretty rad, and they were way ahead of their time!)

MattJ said...

I apologise, I thought my previous post was geekery enough - i thought if i staretd throwing out names of the members of my favourite bands it would be too much for one day. I go to hold me head in shame.

junius worth said...

matt, thanks for checking in. hope you keep reading. and you and my lovely bride have both lost your music license. alice in chains? there is nothing more beautiful than a 6-4-3 double play. peace out

MattJ said...

Alice In Chains rock, even without Layne - this has been scientifically proven in lab tests and cannot be denied.

the fact you ended your comment with some random gibberish makes me think you'd had some kind of brain-interfernce whislt writing :p

I'll have to wait for Pedr to log on - he's like my Rosetta stone for baseball terminology.

hahahahaha! My word verification is nonced! reminds my of one of my favourite Christopher Morris lines: "He received stairwell nonce-bashing and ended up quadra-spazzed on a lifeglug" - the pair of you should invest in both 'The Day Today' and 'Brasseye' immediately. :p

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