Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Universal Truths - Number 89

If you eat a filled donut and it is filled with anyhing but jam, you are a sick freak and beyond help.

That is all.


Olivia said...


When I was a kid I used to squeeze the jam out but the little bit left behind was just the right touch.

Now I'm older I can handle it all, the once a year I do eat one. Raspberry jam is the best.

MattJ said...

An ocean divides us, but we agree on the things that truly matter. Rasberry Krispy Kreme......mmmmmmm......

Olivia said...

I never tried Krispy Kreme's jammies. I do like their plain originals though.

To me, if it's going to be jammy then it has to be the old fashioned sugar sprinkled slightly oily bakery/Tesco type.

Olivia said...

Oh wait! Never mind either of them, though, when faced with a fresh baked M&S Yum Yum!

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