Monday, August 18, 2008

Mental Trauma

Certain traumatic events can cause mental scarring in your life, your psyche covers up and blocks these events in an attempt to stop you going axe-happy on a trout farm*, however certain sights, sounds or smells can trigger a severe emotional response that brings the event back to mind.

I just experienced such a thing. Sitting in my office, busy doing someone elses job for them - so already in a fairly unreasonable state of mind - I have my earphones in so I can ignore my co-workers** when Kashnir by Led Zeppelin starts to play.

As soon as the opening bars kick in I am thrown back to an event: Nick and I in my flat as we record one of the few podcasts we put together. Discussing cover versions, he said these words:

"I think Puff Daddy's version of Kashmir is better that the original"

He said this with conviction - utterly serious and without a trace of sarcasm. And not in the hilarious dead-pan style of some comedians who say things utterly against God and nature in an ironic fashion. He honestly believes this to be true.

I honestly get slightly annoyed everytime I hear that song now, I am clearly disturbed!

* See Garth Marenghi for more awesome descriptive terms
**It's not that I dislike them, it's quite the opposite - the current work I am doing has put me in a dim frame of mind so want to hammer through it, I don't want to run the risk of spitting venom in the wrong direction and hitting an innocent bystander.


FieldEffect said...

To be fair, the Puff Daddy version is Puff Daddy "featuring Jimmy Page".

I admit that Jimmy Page's involvement was probably sitting in the corner of the studio with his head in his hands, pushing his earplugs in a little deeper and trying to think of the commission cheque, but still...

And the music video has Godzilla in it! What more could you ask for? If Led Zeppelin had the opportunity to make music videos they probably wouldn't have been cool enough to have Godzilla in them.

MattJ said...

Right, so now Puff Daddy is cooler than Led Zeppelin too? You my friend, are beyond all hope and reasons.

Jo said...

Uh... Matt... what happened to blogging every day? It's 20 Aug. and still no blog? Shameful.

MattJ said...

It's true, I'm well overdue a wildly reactionary cultural representation! I'll get right on it ;)

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