Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Slow news day

Every single year this story appears in one guise or another.

Quite aside from the fact that it suggests the loss of Gertrude* as a human name is anything other than a good thing, it seems to imply some kind of crusade is in order to keep bullies in victims for years to come.

I'm sure I can't think of any reason why William, Henry, Harold, Richard or Walter were popular names in centuries past - there certainly weren't any famous Englishmen who could be considered celebrities with those names around were there? That would be insanity, it might even suggest that like most things, names move with the times. I'll grant you it isn't always for the better but all of the top 3 names this year are perfectly fine and at least if you run into anyone called Jade, Bianca or Cherice you know exactly what you're in for.

We already re-use crap from past eras - music, fashions and art - recycling the same old crap and regurgitating slight variations on a theme every 20 years or so, is there any real need to bring back pre-WWI names? If it does happen, then I insist we launch a campaign to bring back BerĂ³un, Ceowulf, Coenwahl, Hunuald, Redwald, Sebbi, Swidhelm and Wuscfrea - at least they are mroe bloody interesting and speak a little more about where all these names came from in the first place!

Or we could just go back to simpler times when we merely referred to our offspring as 'Ug!'. Of course, this also translates into 'Go and tidy your cave' and 'that's so unFAIR! I HATE you!'.

*Cows, of course, can be called Gertrude - but NOTHING else!


Jo said...

Dave named his car Gertrude after Gertrude Stein. Just sayin'.

Since modern times are so modern, why don't we use the random word verification samples to name our babies.

Mine would be named "Dwoyxx."

MattJ said...

You can call cars anything you like, and in fact I would argue that Gertrude is a perfectly good name for a car, providing the name suited the car.

The thing with naming the car is that you are naming it for what it is, and if your car is a gertrude then sobeit!

I like that idea, though I think some hip-hop artists have been using it for years already

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