Thursday, August 21, 2008

Who turned the Page?!

After a brief dalliance with insanity 1998 with Piff Duddly, or what ever he was called that week, Jimmy Page has finally completely lost his marbles by whoring out his genius to generic popster Leona Lewis in the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. In tribute to the ruthless efficiency of the host nation, the duo are to preside over the cruel and unusual torture and ultimate death of the classic tune 'Whole Lotta Love'.

It's understood that Jimmy is to join popular boy band Blue in a surprise reunion tour at the end of the year as 'The one that isn't as pretty as the others but can play an instrument'.

1 comment:

Hanrah said...

Matt, clearly you are unaware of the fact that the "ugly one" role in Blue has already been taken. In fact, the band's proper names are "the blonde one, the black one, the ugly one and the arsey-Darcy-look-alike" (that was back in the day when Darcy was still in Neighbours, you understand).

Although I share your pain that anyone with talent should duet with Leona Lewis, who is simply a non-psychotic, duller version of Mariah Carey.

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