Friday, August 15, 2008

Quarterbacks like tiny dwellings

It's true, they are always shouting about their Hut!

ha ha. I am funny.

Come on people, stick with me - it's going to get worse before it gets better - you need to ride it out like a fever or genocide.

Anyway, I just traded in a bunch of things at the local Blockbuster because the new version of Madden NFL has become available and it's time to build a new all dominating Pittsburgh Steelers franchise. Madden 08 tended to get confused after about 10 successive SuperBowls and fell over.

By 'a bunch of things', I mean old games obviously - not like vital organs or anything. I never used to get rid of old games, keeping them for 'replayability' but since I mostly lost interest in a most games (thanks to ditching my PC last year) this urge to hoard has waned somewhat and has paid for any number of new titles this year, which have subsequently been chopped in for new stuff. I wish I was that sensible with all the other crap I insist on accumulating...........

Anyway, new Madden can only mean that the new season is just around the corner and I need to start considering where I am gonna get my game fixes from!

In conclusion - LETS GO STEELERS LETS GO!*

*Seriously, I love this game but they need to sort themselves so decent chantss out.


Jo said...

I'm sorry Matt, but football sucks.


The Texan

(it's heresy to say that here!)o

MattJ said...

Yes but you are one of those freaks that likes baseball of all things, a game used by medical doctors to induce coma in emergencies. "It's the bottome of the ninth..." "OK, He's out!".

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