Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wine is fine..

..but whiskey's quicker.

Or so the song goes.

I've decided to make an effort to blog every day, working on the theory that if I provide enough quantity the odds would dictate that I accidentally say something funny or poignant at some point.

Anyway, whiskey. I like Irish whiskey, I am slowly working on a bottle of 12 year old Jameson's at the moment. Before that was a Bushmill's malt. It's yummy, though I am apparently a philistine because I drink it with ice. I like a few Scotch malts, but not the ones I am supposed to like. Real hardcore whiskey drinkers will bang on about Islay whiskeys, these are like drinking whiskeyfied mud and definitely an acquired taste! It is like drinking a peat fire, I don't know why this is appealing to anyone.

I think bourbon suffers from the way it is made (clean, new barrells) but maybe that's because I've only really been subjected to Jack Daniels (a product of good marketing), Jim Beam and Bulleitt. Any Americans who want to put my right about American whiskey-type products, just say so!

Incidentally I am well aware that this entry is neither witty, interesting, poignant or anything else that might make it worth reading but we have to get rid of the chaff people - before we get to the juicy wheat of literary genius!


Jo said...

Actually, Matt, they saying goes "Wine is just fine but liquor is quicker."

You're welcome.

Also, you should try George Dickel Kentucky Straight Whiskey. Totally flask-worthy. I practically grew up on it. We always had a glass handle in the house.

MattJ said...

ACTUALLY I was quoting Suicide Solution by Ozzy Osbourne, so nerrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Wine is fine but whsikey's quicker
Suicide is slow with Liquor

Oooh, is that whiskey or bourbon?

Jo said...

Ummm... it's Kentucky Straight WHISKEY... and it's good. you should try it.

And 40 lashes for liking Ozzy Osbourne.

MattJ said...

Well when I come visit I will do , that's if I've forgiven you for slighting such a musical genius.

His family, however, are fair game ;)

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