Tuesday, August 26, 2008

An end of an Era....

I've decided to try to take something seriously - it's a shock I know, and in order to do this I've decided that to fund my new obsession I should sell some of my crap instead of just accumulating more. This is a leap of logic most people make on a daily basis, but most people are weirdos and don't understand the awesomeness of stuff!

Anyway. As one thing comes in from eBay so do some of my favourite toys go...

First to go is my Nintendo DS, chief amongst my 'Bestest gadgets of more awesomeness ever' gadgets, this is truly a sad day. Now I have a car I use the train far less, thus I use the Nintendo far less. It is an amazing toy and I hope it and the stupid collection of games goes to a new home.

Almost as difficult to lose is my XBox 360, while it's true it really isn't costing me anything as my collection of games has dwindled with each successive trade, I am also not really playing it. I pretty much just use it as a media centre to play my 'Evaluation' copy TV shows on the big screen. I am gonna bring my old PC out of retirement for that I think, I'll do something media-centrey with it perhaps - alternatively I'll sell that too and replace it with a PVR.

I'm also considering, after 3 years that perhaps my situation isn't quite as temporary as I'd first imagined and should probably sort my flat out with some less make-shift furniture and decoration. Dave moves out next week and am considering staying on my own, at least for the time being as I don't really have the time or inclination to sort another flatmate out yet.

I have to be careful not to go too far with this selling of stuff of course and resisting replacing those things which I am selling is gonna be tough. You'd think they would make some kind of patch for people like me!


Paddy Duncan said...

Matt if you're selling your 360, does that mean you have a girlfriend? I can think of no other reason.

MattJ said...

Nah, I am playing with guitars instead that's all, trading one toy for another ;)

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