Wednesday, August 20, 2008

[Addendum] Olympic awesomeness

So according to the papers, following a global suspension of morals and decency, 'Team GB' is doing really well at the Olympics. I'm reliably informed that 'Team GB' is what Great Britain are called this year. I'm not sure if that applies to all of us or just those at the Olympics and if the latter, whether they get special passports or not.

Aside from from the various speed-commuting sports such as cycling and running the medal haul has been aided in no small part by the sports that are in what I like to call the 'Chinless Wonder' category. These 'sports' (and I use the term loosely) are created and designed entirely for people with titles, double barrelled names and speech impediments created by genetic flaws that are a result of a family paddling around the shallow family end of the gene pool for multiple generations. 'Sports' like pootling about in boats and horse dancing - Dressage and Yachting if you want the full titles.

I rarely get excited about the Olympics and find the fact that people are only interested in sports they've never heard of once every four years when we happen to be doing well in it. Who can forget the Curling fever that gripped the nation in the 2002 winter Olympics? It's particularly disappointing this year though because no matter how much I mock, the dedication required to become the best in the world at anything, even playing in boats or peasant baiting, is truly admirable. Unfortunately 2 facts remain:

1)The hypocrisy of the whole thing, it's truly astounding how some of these world leaders can keep a straight face when they tell you how committed to human rights they are. Maybe they should append those statements with 'Unless you have cool fireworks. Or Choreography, you can't get 16,000 people dancing in unison without a violent and despotic regime - democracy simply doesn't have that efficiency!'

2) The Olympics are REALLY fucking boring! Seriously, Iain Duncan Smith reading War & Peace boring.

Oh, and just so Jo has some consistency, please just assume that I've made some slight or insult about that American fishboy character. He's keeping up the American record breaking Olympic tradition - let's hope he doesn't keep up the other American olympic tradition of having to hand them back in a couple of years ;) -*

[Addendum]* Sarcasm aside, i do genuinely hope this, not least because I love the idea of this diet becoming the performance enhancing drug of the future. 12000 calories a day in fry-ups, the man is rapidly becoming my hero. I hear he is good at swimming too, but that's far less impressive.

Ah there it is! :D


Jo said...

Ha! That's awesome! Eat lots of eggs and bacon and you'll be the next Olympic champ!

MattJ said...

I am well ahead of the game here Jo, I am supplementing my olympic diet with ginger beer, pizza and pretzels.

I'm sure you all can't wait to see the results in speedos in 4 years time.

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