Friday, January 25, 2008

The Right side of the bed is hugely overrated

There have been a couple of instances over the last month or so where I have woken up - on a work day no less! - and not felt like a complete curmudgeon. Indeed, I've left the house in quite a cheery mood.

This has always ended in disaster and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. The first time it happened I was beset on all sides by a diluvian onslaught which caused me to be very late for work on a day when I really could have done with not being late. For the rest of the day things continued on a downward spiral.

Equally, today felt very perky but was immediately sent into an increasingly dim mood thoughout the morning by a variety of things that conspired to ruin my mood.

Now, those of you who know me know that I am incredibly easy to please, the problem I have is that if I start out pleased and then go to a not-pleased state, returning to the high of pleased is a lot of work. Bad moods last about 12 minutes with me (this is not to be confused with my continual underlying grumpy curmudgeoniness - it IS a word! no need to look it up!) but after that time I am only reset to an annoyed neutral mode.

So. Do away with the right side of the bed and make both of them wrong I say! That way your expectations begin at a an incredibly low ebb and anything good that happens can only serve to improve things and always comes as a pleasant surprise. You end the day better than you started it, without any of the disappointment of having your mood ruined at any point in the day.

I'm a genius. I should totally be a psychologist. I could write books. "Seriously, I'm going to slap you!" and - "15 minutes of Happiness - Because a whole day just isn't possible".


Nabeel said...

Don't know why but from your profile picture it looks like you are a mac user .. are you?

Perhaps it's the simple elegant color of your room (visible in the background)

MattJ said...

Oh dear, the iritatingly smug self satisfaction of the Mac User has infected my profile?! But I've only had one about 2 months! lol!

I can assure you upon closer inspection those walls are far from elegant, they are only that lovely magnolia colour because it's a rental - something i hope to change sooner rather than later

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