Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sports, Beer, Poor personal hygeine

All the essential ingrediants for a weekend hosting Pedr and my brother Martin (The Waffle).

That's right, after 2 and a half years in Surrey my brother - the product of an unholy union between mouth, monkey and a curly version of Billy Ray Cyrus' haircut - has deigned to visit me.

They arrive on Friday, whence we shall adjourn to a local hostelry to discuss the issues of the day, such as the merits of Heinz over lesser branded baked beans - inlcuding Branston's bold move to make a super-sized bean ina shiny can. Gimmmicks!

Saturday sees Wales rugby receiving their traditional 6 Nations trouncing at the hands of the syphilitic Eton and altogether vicious, cheating and evil English 15 man kicking squad. It is also the Season opener for the Rugby League that evening. I did have some transient plans for going out for the day, showing them the sights, maybe going shopping and having an extended lunch. Insane I know!

Sunday I will be dragging them to Redhill where I will be looking at apartments (when I was a lad they were called flats dagnammit! -Hannah, lets just assume you've shouted 'No they weren't! they were called caves!' shall we? :p), which will no doubt fill them with feelings of joy and excitement. I'll have to keep the Stephen Fry quotes about estate agents to myself for the time being.

Then! The Main Event! The filth that is the New England Patriots vs the marginally less evil New York Giants! I have monday morning off work, so it's a 5am marathon.

Got a meeting now, more later (you can hardly wait can you?)


Hanrah said...

Hey Matt.

Did you know that Tesco are involved in your scummy team's (St. Helens, to clarify, you have many scummy teams!) new stadium?

Just like they did to us.

Are they trying to take over our beautiful game?

Hmmm, the Tesco conspiracy deepens.

MattJ said...

"Central Park is falling down, falling down!
Central Park is falling down, poor old Wigan!

build it up with pies and peas, pies and peas, pies and peas!
Build it up with pies and peas, good old tesco!"


I have switched from tesco recently, though sainsbury's could be very bad for my bank account and if I move I could be shopping at Lidl lol!

Pedr said...

I would like the record to show that there will be no poor personal hygiene on my part thank you! Beer and sports on the other hand, definitely.

Not so sure on the viewing of apartments though - can we stop for ice cream / beer / a wash?

Olivia said...

Getting your own place then? I think the so-called luxurious new builds are called apartments. The flats you knew are still flats.

That contemporary office conversion we lived in before, with concierge, gym, wood floors, electronic blinds and Neff kitchen - that was an apartment.

Olivia said...

BTW, our apartment sounds nicer than it was. It was really just a dormitory for professional adults.

MattJ said...

Pedr - I was of course referring to the old Smackdown days and the current poo flinging, poorly coiferred monkey! :D

'Livvy - No idea just yet, if I do it will be a part ownership style thingy but I'm kind of sick of throwing money away in rent.

lunaliar said...

That's pretty much why we bought a house: tired of throwing away rent. It's a good idea if you plan on being in one spot for a while. Bad if you need flexibility.

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