Tuesday, January 15, 2008

1984 - UK Government Training Manual

...the policy of anyone applying for a UK visa will be fingerprinted like a criminal...." - From the comments section of the previous post.

In other news, prisoners are to have RFID tags implanted under their skin so we can track them like the animals they are.

A government spokesman says 'We should all double happy that these double plus good ideas are coming into effect'. This measure is also seen as a future compromise for the fox hunting lobby.

A leaked memo suggests that the 'Rat Cage Hat' is going to be all the rage this summer and will be the fashion accessory of choice in the Government's new Happy Citizen Rehabilitation Centres.

Does anyone know how long we've had a Ministry Of Justice?! I knew they were planning on splitting the Home Office into 2 - Department of Justice and Department of 'Keeping an eye on those swarthy foreign types, and anyone who disagrees with us' or some such, but I thought they were taking the piss! How scary does Ministry of Justice sound? I thought 'Department of Homeland Security' was insidious but I think our penchant for Orwellian language and Tyrant style government departments out does those US amateurs!

What adds to the brilliant irony of the Ministry of Justive is that it used to be called the Department of Constitutional Affairs. I guess when they shifted policy from protecting us and our rights they thought something that implies we are all guilty was more appropriate?


Hanrah said...

On the subject of scary names, the Ministry of Defence also named our new satellite "Skynet". Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, doesn't it!

MattJ said...

lol! Skynet has been in operation since 1969 (sort of) to be fair. I only know this because I may know a certain IT company that is heavily involved with the software....... :p

Hanrah said...

It's YOU!!!!

Damn BBC, they reported the launch of the 5th one as though it was the first to be called Skynet (thanks Wikipedia!).

I was watching Terminator 2 last week actually, I'd forgotten how awesome it was! Still refusing to see the 3rd one though.

lunaliar said...

Take it from me, the third Terminator is useless. More far-fetched than a story involving badgers and honey that ends well.

Olivia said...

Glad you pointed that out. Since reading "1984", I've always felt slightly disturbed when referring to "the Ministry of [whatever]"

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