Wednesday, January 30, 2008

3 point Action Plan

This whole buying somewhere to live and furninshing it business is quite convoluted isn't it? At least it is in Surrey where apparently all accomodation is secretly made out of platinum and diamonds. I am going to delay for 6 months whilst I instigate my amazing 3 point Action Plan, detailed below. Oh, if you're a solicitor - kill yourself. That is all.

Matt's Doomed to Failure 3 point Action Plan

1) Quit buying gadgets and useless crap. While you're at it stop buying enough food to survive a nuclear winter.

2) Seriously, why are you looking at that Apple Time Capsule?

3) Don't make me come over there, you don't NEED a fucking hover-board!

It's silly I know - everyone needs a hoverboard.

1 comment:

Tom Wardill said...

Having just bought my first house...
I'd agree with you.

Solicitors suck, the good ones are expensive, and the bad ones are just not worth it.

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