Thursday, January 03, 2008

Worrying Behaviour

I went to Argos on Sunday; I needed some new bedding for my all-encompassing new Duvet. I experienced a slight frisson of anticipation over the prospect of all new bed stuff.

Afterwards I found myself in a coffee shop listening to an audio book whilst writing a letter and drinking a mug of green tea.

I was beginning to think I'd accidentally become middle class, but then I realised that I had visited Argos so might be safe. Also the fact the letter I was writing was neither strongly worded nor to the BBC but in fact to a friend and contained at least one dinosaur doodle alleviated my worries.

Still, I'll be keeping an eye on my behaviour, in particular with regards to whether I ever start believing anything that the Daily Mail writes.*

I was considering a new hobby the other day but may need to move fast. Basically it involves buying the Daily Express every day for a year (OK a little less than a year now) and seeing how many front pages have the word 'Diana' on them.

*I am not suggesting that all Middle Class people are raving bigots who read the Mail or in fact write strongly worded, dinosaur-free letters to the BBC. It's just that I currentyl live in the South East and the risk of that kind of behaviour is far greater down here. So definitely not a sweeping generalisation of any kind.


lunaliar said...

God forbid you ever join the shrinking, woeful ranks of the Middle class. Forego property ownership, purchasing a car, making trips to Whole Foods (or the wanky, British equivalent) and going on and on about how you absolutely must drink only Starbucks for fear that anything less than their disgusting, over-roasted, over-marketed sludge will result in a caste dive.

I think you're safe.

MattJ said...

Ach! I think I might have been in Starmuck's!........ in my defence it was probably because we only have Starmuck's and Costa and Costa had nowhere to sit. And I didn't drink teh coffee.....

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