Friday, January 25, 2008

Record breaking shopping times

So I went to visit my friend Hannah in Leamington Spa last weekend and had a very more awesomer time. I even managed to not get horribly drunk the whole time I was there, which Hannah was very thankful for - generally if I am getting horribly drunk it means that whoever I am with pretty much has to follow suit.

Anyway, on the Saturday Hannah, her sister Emma and I went out around the town and I decided I needed to do some clothes shopping - which only served to fill Hannah with dread. Her only previous experiences of me clothes shopping involved me wandering around Hull looking for a shirt to buy. It was a very specific shirt that I wanted and it was only after an hour or so she asked me where I had seen it. Discovering that this was only a theoretical shirt that I imagined must exist somewhere because it was so fetching in my head did not seem to go down very well.

The other instance involved about 2 hours to pick a scarf. This was an equally popular move, as I am sure you can imagine.

Well I am pleased to report that not only did I manage to buy about 7 Tshirts, a pair of pumps and a wallet in a very short space of time, I completely shattered my previous scarf buying record. I could tell I had done well because Hannah wasn't stuffing my spleen into a blender.

We also went to a great Milkshake/Smoothy place called Moo-moos, where my indecision kicked in. That wasn't my fault though - they confuzzled my weak brain with a cornucopia of ingrediants. Was very tasty. Next door was a traditional old school type sweet shop, where we bought all mannner of goodness like Kola Kubes, Rhubarb and Custard etc.

Oh, and if you're looking for somewhere good to have lunch in Leamington - go to the White Horse pub. It is extremely great food. OK, I'll leave it there - that was most of the non-DVD related activities (Robot Chicken FTW!). Once again I failed to take photos, but I am rubbish at that anyway so you're probably better off.

There you go, not only have I given you a 'what I did' post with little to no complaining but also a tourist guide to Leamington Spa! Now. On with the grumping......

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Olivia said...

I thought I was indecisive...

Scarf buying really is a much shorter process for me, though.

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