Sunday, January 13, 2008

Presumed Consent

This is an open letter to anyone who thinks presumed consent is wrong when it comes to organ donation:

Dig a hole. Get in it. Shut up, you're an idiot.

That's pretty much it, I am using small words so as not to confuse you. About 90% of the British public agree with organ donation apparently but only 20% are on the register. This is because people are lazy and stupid. [Edit] Apologies, these apparently were the wild estimates of an 'expert'. The consent register stands at about 60%.[/Edit]

If you really are such a loathsome human being, you can opt out of presumed consent if you feel strongly about it.

The reason I am so angry about this is because various groups of sanctimonious, self righteous retards are in uproar about the shift to presumed consent. These people think they have a point, and they use a lot of rhetoric, what follows is a translation of everything they are saying in one sentence:

"I would rather sick and injured people die - often slowly and painfully - than have this shift in policy"

Any argument to the contrary is futile because it just ain't true.


Hanrah said...

Unfortunately this decision (which is fantastic) arrived side-by-side with the policy of anyone applying for a UK visa will be fingerprinted like a criminal.

Supposedly this is to root out "terrorists" who will be easily identified as their prints have a little picture of a bomb on them.

Luckily, the government will be keeping all this information secure on a database - and we know just how careful they are with such things.

The Daily Mail truly IS running the country.

David Morris said...

Hear Hear!

I totally agree with you Matt. Presumed consent will make the search for organs so much easier now.

lunaliar said...

Hanrah said, "Supposedly this is to root out "terrorists" who will be easily identified as their prints have a little picture of a bomb on them."

Please don't give Homeland Security any ideas, mmmkay? God knows we live in a police state here in the U.S. already. Also, I think that presumed consent is a good idea. It will definately cut into the black market for organs, which is pretty heinous in Europe, from what I hear.

Hanrah said...

I was pretty disgusted to see a load of comments on a Torygraph article about this. People were posting that they were going to remove themselves from the donor list because presumed consent is an "infringement of their civil liberties".


MattJ said...

I think I've touched on this before but I think people who remove themselves should be rendered ineligible to be recipients of donor organs. One of the things that disgusted me the most was the charity Patient Concern disagreeing with it. I sent them a polite email suggesting they change their name to 'corpse concern' as I doubt children on dialysis were feeling that they were particularly concerned with them but they seemed emininetly concerned with the welfare of dead people. Of which there will be considerably more of if their point of view is considered.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that I live in Holland now. We have all this stuff discussed openly in public and the most serious terrorists crimes are the shooting of a politician in 2002 and the stabbing os a film director in 2004. Both serious for those concerned, but hardly comparible to the UK or US events.

Terrorism just never really got off the ground here.

And if you add to that the fact that we have Harry Potter as prime minister, well, I don't think that oppressive policies will get too far either. We even voted against an EU constitution.

Not all good though. The weathers shit.

MattJ said...

There isn't a great dal of terrorism here or stateside either Fam, apart from 2 major incidents. We are just constantly told to live in perpetual fear so that those pesky civil libertoes that get in teh way of effective government can be taken away without too much comlaint

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