Wednesday, January 30, 2008

McCain wins Key Florida Election

It seems my views of this chap were outdated, all semblance of principle having been abandoned in the name of the Jesus vote.

Still the term 'Winning an Election in Florida' means something else in the Republican dictionary doesn't it?


Hanrah said...

I hate to say "I told you so". . . oh, no, wait - I LOVE to say "I told you so"!!

I told you so!

MattJ said...

Of course you did - it's only me and you that give a flying toss, stands to reason that if I've changed my mind it's after talking to you! lol!

Hanrah said...

Mwah ha ha ha!

My evil influence spreads! But mainly only to you.

Bought Robot Chicken yet?

MattJ said...

lol! It's more your accurate appraisal of the current McCain face that is spreading. I was still working off the 2004 model - you have the latest 2007 version with glowing red eyes and believing in the 'Magic Man Done it!' theory of creation.

No Robot Chicken yet! I am resisting all new gadget purchases while I work on clearing finances on the off-chance I go for the Uber-Gadget-Xtreme! (At which point I am SOOOO investing in Robot Chicken!)

David Morris said...

Yes - McCain won the Florida primary and overtook Mitt Romney in terms of number of delegates. However, super Tuesday is going to be happening soon and everything could change.

I don't think there's going to be a Republican President at the end of the race anyway. It'll be either Obama or Clinton in the Whitehouse. The Republicans still have views about the war on terror that a lot of people disagree with.

lunaliar said...

Mr. Morris: I couldn't have said it better myself, but I wish it weren't true.

Being an independent in this race, I'd much rather prefer Ron Paul in the top spot than Obama, Clinton, McCain and certainly not Romney. Romney is an idiot, plain and simple. He's also a liar (but aren't they all?).

Ron Paul is a Libertarian, but he gets no love from the press because no one wants him to be a viable candidate. So many people are seeing how silly that is. You can be anti-war, pro-America and all about civil liberty. That is Ron Paul in a nutshell. (It also doesn't hurt that he's a Texan!)

MattJ said...

Dave, I will never underestimate the ability of an electorate to lower the bar of stupidity. Personally the dynastic overtones of the presidency, combined with the fact that she just strikes me as evil puts me off Hilary (I have nothing to base this on, I just don't like the woman! lol!). And I don't believe Obama will get it, I think people will bottle it, and go for a nice White Christian boy. Sad, but true.

Who does that leave? Yes there is your independent Jo - but has an independent ever even presented a small challenge to what is in reality a 2 party system? I genuinely don't know, but I am doubtful! In any case he doesn't have hundreds of millions of dollars, which is what US elections are about - the cult of personality and the dollar. So that leaves a man who will abandon principles the moment a lobbyist is in the same state or even worse - a man who genuinely believes the world is 4000 years old and that all living creatures are direct descendants of the occupants of a big houseboat.

After the last 2 US elections, I am not holding my breath for any form of common sense to hold sway!

You can tell I've had a good day eh?

I do kind of like Obama, despite the fact he is ostensibly a big windbag.(just like me!) :D

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