Thursday, September 21, 2006


So barring major disaster I am off to visit the lovely Maria in Pittsburgh in January, which I am looking forward to immensely. So long as I can keep my mouth shut and not get myself shot by the one American who decides to live out the stereotype I have in my brain..... Wow! That would be tough. I mean, yeah I'd be dead but also I'd have the satisfaction of being you know, every cloud.

Anyway, I tell people and they look at me funny purely because I didn't say the words 'Vegas', 'Grand Canyon', 'Niagra Falls' or 'New York'. Which kind of annoys me. While I'm sure the waterfall and big ditch are awesome and New York is very cool, I find it very hard to believe that Pittsburgh has nothing at all to recommend it. Just because the BBC says they are places 'you must see before you die' doesn't make it true.

So anyway, I will be flying in and out of New York so reckon will spend the last couple days of the trip there and Maja is keen to take a weekend trip somewhere with me and Stefan (Her Boy) and she's suggested the Falls. I am going to do some research about what's in the surrounding area while trying to shake off the British view of 4 hours being a long drive.

So just to clarify, I am not trying to denegrate the places I highlighted. Well. Maybe Vegas. I mean, it's just Blackpool with more lights isn't it? .....As I was saying, don't want to denegrate them, I am sure they are phenomenal, I would just like to see something other thant that which someone has decided everyone 'must' see. Like if I went to Oz, yeah I'd like to see Ayr's rock but I'd also like to see the Devil's Marbles and some of the stuff described in Bill Bryson's book! - I really like random things.

I have noticed there is a major Warhol museum in Pittsburgh so that's one to go see,and technically speaking they are my American Football team so I should go look at their stadium. Other than that I am looking to you people, I have little idea of American Geography or any spacial awareness to speak of. With this in mind can any of you recommend any naturally occurring coolness in the immediate 4 hour vicinity of the city? Or other stuff for me to consider while I am over there?

Of course, that all depends if I spend all my money on cheap electronic gadgetry in the first day or not :p


Olivia said...

Things to do in PA
where you can find nature and outdoors up to 100 miles around Pittsburgh in the dropdown menu.

Too bad you can't go to Philadelphia, the cradle of American government.

It's fricking cold in those parts in January.

MattJ said...

Thanks Liv! Cool site. I don't see ahy reason I can't have a look at Philly. Since my post i had a look at a few places includiong Gettysburg and Philly. We will probably go to DC so I can spend some time swearing at the whitehouse as it's only 3 hours away.

Most important though is that I've discovered perhaps the greatest unsung attraction of them all. The Crayola factory is in PA. Oh yes indeed!

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