Thursday, September 07, 2006

Chili or Chilli revisited

OK, so I've been really good about this whole spelling thing. I decided to try to force myself to use the yank way of spelling the word due to the fact it's a Texan dish right? Grammatically it offends me because of what I've decided (not necessarily correctly) the rules of English are.

I know, it's a kind and generous gesture on my part. A selfless act of sacrifice I was willing to make in order to extend the hand of friendship across the pond.

SO why the hell is Microsoft Office telling me to put anouther L in? I mean I can't win here! Maybe I should start writing it like Chil(l)i?

Or maybe Microsoft could start designing software with a spell checker that works.


Olivia said...

Or you can tell Word to change the language to English US.

I made chil(l)i last weekend. haven't frozen it yet, wonder if it's still good. It is nice but i may ask my mum to bring some over when she comes. Oh but she no linger lives in Texas.

i hit the wall of typing, do it all day, then suddnely in the thmiddle of blog cheking i stop being able to do it. sorry, too tired to bother with backspace.

Olivia said...

sorry i mean, ask my mum to bring over some chili seasoning when she comes.

and the other thing i forgot to say, i forgot again...oh yea, i use baked bean instead of kidney beans coz i hate beans but baked b are ok.

if i didn't use backspace sometimes, my comments woul dlike lok thi.


MattJ said...

Maria sugegsted the same thing to me on MSN last night but the problem there is that I would end up with one correctly spelt word and thusands of incorrectly spelt ones!

And bearing in mind that Chilli is a variation on Chili (not the other way around) I'd guess that the English dictionary would have both variations and I am just an uncultured yob. I am using office beta 2 2007 though, maybe it is ok with previous versions?

Olivia said...

LOL I was so tired when I wrote those comments last night that I was all curiosity as I waited for the page to load, to see what on earth I'd said.

Famulus said...

Whilst hassling Microsoft, could you also have a word with the good people at Blogger please. They don't even recognise the word blog or bogger in their dictionary...


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