Friday, September 15, 2006

20 years late

I Love Nintendo. I mean it. I used to hate consoles and Nintendo were always the epitome of everything I hated.

*I wrote a big long evaluation of the competition here but I have already done one today so here it is in brief*

The Wii has been given a European lauch date and price. It looks amazing. Not nearly as powerful or graphically impressive as the 360 or the PS3. Can't play DVDs. Doesn't appear to have the same complex and complete social networking system that 360 has.

So it's not as good right? Depends. Nintendo market at people these days, not at gamers. Give a PSP to a non-gamer with a copy of Pro-Evo Soccer, he/she'll put it down in a minute. Hand them a DS Lite with Brain Training and they'll be hooked in the same amount of time. Nintendo are bringing something back to consoles and gaming in general that appears to have been missing. Fun.

It's going to be 180 quid and I am finding it had to think of a reason not to get one for Christmas. No 'core packs', 'uber packs', or 'super Uber Packs'. One model. one Colour, lots of fun. Seriously, just go take a look at the demos of the remotes - that's innovation for you. All the otehr guys do is exploit current technologies and make their consoles more powerful, the guys at Nintendo seem to be doing things totally differently.

Anyways! I used to hate Nintendo but my DS Lite is the only gadget I own that still gives me a buzz when I pick it up - it's complete in every way it can be, that's what's nice about it. I challenge anyone to try one and not want one immediately, I have the feeling the Wii will have the same effect. See I am a PC fanboy, as a result having 2 systems in the house that are capable of playing powerful new games wouldn't be much use to me. Unless the second one could do something my PC couldn't.

*I banged on about why DS Lite was better than PSP here, but all you need to know is this : I used to hate Nintendos, then simply didn't even acknowledge them. I bought a DS Lite over a month ago and I am still banging on about it, gadget boys like me usually lose the buzz after about 3 days. Pick one up and you'll want one.

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