Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Lazy Bloggers

OK, I know I am conspicuous in my absence sometimes but this is ridiculous! All of the blogs I normally check have had pitiful update rates of late and, frankly, it is unacceptable. This is primarily for Famulus, Olivia and Luna. Luna is currently using the 'I'm getting married in a few weeks' excuse. Well that old chestnut isn't going to work on me young lady! What's more important? Keeping me entertained when I should be working or ensuring the biggest day of your life goes perfectly? You need to sort out your priorities.

Famulus - 'I've just started a new job in Luxembourg' - pffft! I've heard that one a thousand times! Again, it's all about prioritisation and to be perfectly honest your preoccupation with ensuring that you can provide for your family has affected your blogging frequency entirely too much!

Liv - What can I say? I am both shocked and appalled at the drop in your blog frequency, this whole 'career' thing while essential to your continued mental stimulation, sanity and general well-being - it's hardly providing me with lunchtime reading material is it?

In conclusion, you should all stop being so selfish and start to think of poor old me and my lack of reading material in work. How am I going to occupy myself otherwise? I mean, you don't actually expect me to do my job surely?


Anonymous said...

I am oh so sorry that I haven't been humoring you enough with a daily dose of entirely esoteric political drivel. I'll try to be more disciplined!

BTW, I've started drinking quite a bit more tea lately (coffee's starting to give me jitters) and what's a good brand of tea you silly brits drink?

Almost married! :)

MattJ said...

Well th standard Breakfast tea would be something like Pg Tips or Typhoo I guess - the builders favourites lol! Personally I drijnk more peppermint tea but I am odd like that. I think Liv is much more of a tea expert, I generally haven't got on with specific varietis like earl Frey (too weak) and lapsang Souchong (too weird! lol).

good English breakfast tea is where all the cool kids are at! hehe

Olivia said...

Matt - Oh, la!

Hey Luna, don't you love me nomore? My blog is bereft of your presence.

Anyhoo, PG Tips and Typhoo are hard to find over there; maybe in the import section and quite expensive. Worth a try, just to see, though.

It is easier for you to find Twinings. You may also find Red Rose which is a Canadian brand. Avoid Liptons.

So Twinings English Breakfast is a great start.

(I must say, though, the water over there doesn't do the tea any justice.)

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