Monday, September 18, 2006

Morons and oxymorons

This woman has the audacity to say this in order to justify spending $20,000,000 on a jaunt into space:

"You'll see how small and how fragile the Earth is compared to the rest of the universe. It will give us a better sense of responsibility."

I would give these wankers more respect if they were honest instead of talking such shit all the time. Every one of these people who has bought their way onto a shuttle has come up with some bollox about how what they are doing is important for science or some shit like that. What they all mean is this:

I'm really rich and NASA are always after money - Monkeys don't put themselves into space!

If this woman is so concerned about the Earth's fragility I am sure she could find something more productive to do with $20,000,000. Now there is an argument which says 'people spend lots of money on holidays every year, you could say they should spend that money on charity'. Yes, I could say that but that would be unrealistic, I don't think asking someone not to spend 20 million dollars on a flight just so you can outdo your peers and look impressive at dinner parties is unreasonable. Because that's all it is, they just want their names written into history. They think that when space tourism is common place they'll be seen as pioneers. As opposed to rich wankers with no sense of social responsibility.

Now this comes out like I hate rich people, I don't. I hate obscenely rich people who know that people die every minute because they can't get clean drinking water and then blow 20 million dollars on a flight. It's all very well flaunting your wealth and buying posh and expensive things, but when it's such a vast amount on something so fleeting and whimsical - just to satisfy one's ego, it makes me sick.


Olivia said...

I thought space tourists was how Russia funds its missions!

What I don't get is how she made a fortune in telecoms. What exactly IS a "telecoms tycoon"? What did she DO and why have we never heard of her before, if 20 mill is just a drop in her bucket?

Anonymous said...

Just fyi, Olivia is right about it being a RUSSIAN mission, not NASA, which is AMERICAN. We don't do space tourism.

She's Anousheh Ansari, and she has built a large empire of telecommunication infrastructure that large corporations like AT&T, SBC and other companies use. She's from the Dallas area. Her company has formed the Ansari X prize, a monetary fund for the enterprise that develops the first passenger space-tourist vehicle.

cool, huh? HUH?

Yeah, not really.

MattJ said...

Do apologise! I know it's a US company that organises them so assumed it would be NASA!

Point stands - 20-30 million dollars for a fleeting status symbol is disgusting!

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