Sunday, September 03, 2006

Intrepid Photographer

Me and Nick went for a wander yesterday with my new toy and his camera - which is worth approximately twice the value of my soul. We were going to go to some place Nick knew of up near Cobham but the pillock forgot to get his car MOT'd so we ended doing the riverside walk in Leatherhead. This was OK, except after about an hour we didn't have a clue where we were or where we were going.

In the fullness of time we popped out on to a dual carriageway and went for a pint in Mickleham. Once again my prejudices were fully affirmed by the surly bar tender who looked at us like he'd just scraped us of his boot. In his defence we did ask searching questions like 'Do you take cards?'. He responded 'has to come to over 10 pounds'.
I made the mistake of attempting humour with a reply of 'Then you leave us little choice but to stay for more than one beer! Life is such a chore'. The returning Look made it very clear that this was neither the time nor the place for attempts at jokes, puns or especially laughter. Additionally, said the Look, if I wanted to behave like that I can jolly well go and do it somewhere else - this is a good, God fearing pub and we will brook no talk that isn't of Vera Lyn or The War. In conclusion, continued the Look, I'd better not catch you enjoying yourself or I shall be over there quick smart to hush your Viperous tongue!

Or something like that.

Anyway, I am going to start another blog where I'll be putting some pictures up at some point, inlcuding Matt's Photo Journalism. Basically I found some funny things to photograph and I'll be stringing some kind of story together from them involving Protectorate Bees, rampaging village halls, prowlers and something to do with goats.

In the mean time, here's a flower. One of my first atttempts at manually setting the aperture on the camera which makes the background all blurry, I've not played in a photo editor yet, I'll show you the results when I can. I can tell you can barely wait.

It was a dull day so hopefully once I work out the editing software my hamfisted piccy will become a vibrant work of art! hehe


Olivia said...

Gosh, what did that bartender get stuck up his bum?

Nice flower piccie. It always looks great when the background is blurry.

Olivia said...

Hey Matt - next time you're over at Luna's could you let her know that I have been trying to leave comments and it won't let me - it was hard enough leaving one on yours. I get blank pages. On hers, it is a Blogger message that says something like "Blogger cannot complete your request"

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