Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I don't know Art but........

I know a pretentious arsehole when I see one.

See I have a very traditional view of Art. I have a belief that it requires some effort and no small amount of talent to create a great piece of art. Or even a good piece of art in fact. Tracy Emin and her ilk - you know the type 'This pile of bricks represents the struggle of the proletariat hampsters of southern peru against the vile governmentally funded cage producing machine'. These people aren't artists because any brainless, talentless moron could do what they do. Often their response is 'Ah! but no one DID do it did they? they didn't have the vision or the courage to....blahblahblah'. No mate, I've got a job and things to get done and frankly I would feel guilty wasting peoples time and energy making them look at such unmitigated shite.

Honestly, you can actually hear the oxygen being wasted.

Go to Olivia's blog, she has lots of pictures of Art. You can tell it's art because you look at it and think 'Wow. I could never achieve something like that. that took some dedication and pain to produce'. You don't think 'Wow, a foeces covered mattress, that really makes me think about the metaphysical relationship betweeen our own fragile existence and failing to pay the laundry bill'.

I know I'm being harsh and I know with proper treatment some of these deluded idiots that produce this stuff can do something useful or productive with their time. And the people who buy it should have their money given to some kind of charity. After they are slapped across the face.

Ok, so nice opinionated post for you. Matt's back on form hehe! Come on though, you know if evolution was left up to these people we'd all be sat in caves trying to work out if rocks are edible.


Olivia said...

WOW this is a nice post, and not coz you mentioned me!

It was more like an editorial than a rant. Very cool.

As for who can do art and not. Every time I see Emin I want to SLAP her. The sight of her and the sound of her voice makes me sick. It is not often I have such visceral reactions to people, but she.....UGH.

I'm a fair person, though, and something she once did stands out for me. A beautifully sculpted bronze bird on a tall post, outside one of the art museums up north. Gosh, the girl can actually do realism.

Splotches on canvas or a room full of boxes - anyone can do that and frankly if an "artist" does that then I think they've wasted their art school fees.

You're making me want to blog about this now...

Near my university in Houston, which was in the Museum District, I was two minutes away from the Menil Collection....I was going to tell a story, but now I think I will blog it...Gimme a few days, got lots to do, but if I seem to forget maybe you can remind me.

MattJ said...

I was hoping you'd take up the thread, because I genuinely don't know art lol!

Paddy Duncan said...

I was pretty impressed with the Tate Modern, even if it didn't make much sense it did set my mind a racing, which is what I think in some cases art should do.

What's happened to all the people who used to comment on our blogs? Have the public just grown tired of our sporadic posts.

MattJ said...

Yes they have! lol. Ah but did you go to the Tate modern completely compus mentis mr Duncan or were you chemically assisted? Because lets be honest, in some states a squeaky door sets the mind racing.

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