Monday, May 08, 2006

Jamie Turner

Hi everyone, another of my rare serious posts here. I got a mail off a close friend of mine, talk about her a lot - Hannah (the rah). So I am leaping into action and blogging. Not much but it's the best I got right now.

If you're a UK resident please go here and sign the petition, I'll put a short explanation as to what it is about from one of the websites set up and from what I know about the situation. Frankly it's disgusting what's happened to this man, from the unprovoked attack to the treatment he has received since. Just bear in mind that this has been going on for a year.

So this is what happened to him, it's not pleasant:

While making his way to watch Manchester United at the St Mary’s Stadium in Southampton on May 15th 2005, Jamie was left unconscious and clinging to his life after a vicious and completely unprovoked attack by a gang wielding weapons believed to be baseball bats, metal bars and chair legs. Jamie’s skull was broken in two, and he suffered a pooling of blood in the brain needing emergency brain surgery, which left him in a coma, from which he did not awake for almost three weeks. His stay in hospital lasted over two months, and in that time he underwent a number of serious surgical procedures, including a craniotomy and a tracheotomy. He has been left with poor visibility in his left eye, constantly suffers from intense headaches and extreme fatigue, has cognitive difficulties and faces yet further operations on his long road to recovery.

Jamie also had to regain the use of his arms and legs once out of the coma. Sadly, this isn't the whole story. Jamie had to have a large part of his skull removed in order to facilitate recovery. A piece of skull they are supposed to replace within 3-6 months. Just take a look at the date now. Telford & Wrekin Primary Care Trust are refusing to speed up the operation date and keep bumping the operation further back because it 'isn't life threatening'. You'll see from the petition site that there have been 2 near misses already. Any knock or bump in the affected area could cause permanent brain damage or death. Anyway, this isn't an appeal for money or anything just please go sign the petition and get your UK resident friends to do the same, 2 minutes of your time.

The petition is Here
For more information go Here

Cheers folks

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Olivia said...

In a nutshell, the NHS is ridiculous.

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